Brand: Kyron

Avert Bitter Solution for Birds -100 Ml

It has stopped my bird from biting her feather.
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Avert Bitter Solution – Bitterant Spray Birds

Avert is an excellent bitter solution to control biting of wounds and bandages in pets. The high concentration of bitterant discourages pets from chewing, licking and biting bandages, wounds, stitches, and cuts. It is highly beneficial after surgery to avoid licking and chewing. The extremely bitter solution prevents dogs and cats from licking surfaces. The alcoholic base helps for faster evaporation from bandages and dressings, leaving them dry but with the stench of bitterant. Avert aids in preventing horses from wind sucking or crib biting. It controls birds from plucking feathers. Avert is highly bitter but non-toxic in nature. The topical solution is safe to use as many times as possible.

  • Apply Avert by drizzling or spraying solution onto the surface to be protected.
  • Re-apply as soon as the animal starts licking or biting behaviour again.
  • Can be applied as many times as necessary.
  • Not recommended to directly spray on the wounds.


Apply on the affected areas of bird’s plumage or dressing.

Dogs & Cats:

Apply to the areas or surfaces to be protected and repeat as required.


  • To discourage crib-biting, apply to solid surfaces affected.
  • Reapply if the animal starts undesired behaviour again.
  • Discourages pets from chewing, licking and biting wounds
  • Stops chewing of bandages, stitches and household objects
  • Prevents feather plucking in birds
  • Controls horses from crib-biting or wind sucking
  • Helps to restrain licking and biting of wounds    
  • Non-toxic and safe for use
  • Bitter taste makes it effective
  • Wear rubber gloves while spraying.
  • Keep away from open flames or excessive heat.
  • Store it away in a cool place
  • Close the container tightly after use.
  • Store it away from children and uninformed people.


  • Do not spray near eyes, in case of application, wash eyes properly with water.
  • Do not spray on clothes, carpet or curtains.
  • Do not spray in the air.
  • Avoid contact with your skin.
  • Do not apply directly on the wound.

Active Ingredients: Denatonium benzoate with bitter plant products

Application: Topical

Species: Pigeons/Birds/Dogs/Cats/Horses

Product Type: Wound Care

Manufacturer: Kyron

Brand: Kyron

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Avert Bitter Solution

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Amazing Product

My bird doesn't pick on her wounds after I apply this solution on her which is why they heal faster now. Must say, it is a fab invention.

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Nice Product

It has stopped my bird from biting her feather.

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