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Pro-Kolin for Dogs

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Pro-Kolin Plus – Digestive Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Pro-Kolin Plus is an effective probiotic formulation for dogs and cats. The highly palatable paste lubricates the gut lining during intestinal upsets or diarrheal conditions. It is enriched with beneficial micro-organisms that help to correct disrupted digestion. The binding property of Kaolin in Pro-Kolin Plus supports to bind stool during diarrhoea. The healthy microorganisms re-establish the disturbed gut and rapidly populate the gastrointestinal tract. It promotes mechanism of gut function and improves consistency of stools. ProKolin for dogs and cats is the best supplement to maintain healthy digestive system.

  • Use only as directed.
  • It should be given orally directly through mouth.
  • Remove the cap of the syringe and turn the dial to the appropriate place on the syringe.
  • Pop it into your dog or cat’s mouth and give the correct dosage as mentioned.
  • Give it as long as necessary or as advised by your veterinarian.

For cats, puppies and dogs – Pro-Kolin+ 15 ml & 30 ml

  • Less than 5kg - 2ml Twice daily
  • 5-15kg - 3ml Twice daily
  • 15-30kg - 5ml Twice daily
  • >30kg - 7ml Twice daily

For larger dogs - Pro-Kolin+ 60ml

  • 25-35kg - 6ml Twice daily
  • 35-45kg - 8ml Twice daily
  • Above 45kg - 10ml Twice daily
  • Improves gut health
  • Aids in proper digestion
  • Lubricates alimentary canal
  • Supports easy passage of stool
  • Enhances the growth of beneficial microorganisms
  • Binds and smoothes faeces
  • Improves consistency of stool
  • Highly palatable
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of every size
  • Store it at room temperature (below 30°C).
  • Prolonged use may induce vitamin deficiency; use a vitamin supplement as a preventive measure.
  • Wash hands properly after treatment.
  • Store in dry, clean conditions, out of direct sunlight.
  • There are no restrictions in the use of Pro-Kolin.


  • Do not exceed the dosage.

Active Ingredients: Soya Oil, Perplex Prebiotic (Fructo-oligosaccharide), Pectin, Dextrose

Application: Oral

Species: Dogs/Cats

Product Type: Intestinal/Digestive

Manufacturer: Protexin

Brand: Protexin

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