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Lectade powder for Cattle

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Lectade – Water Soluble Powder Supplement for Cattle & Horses

Lectade is an excellent supplement that aids in the treatment of scours – diarrhoea in lambs, calves, kids, piglets and horses. It prevents and reverses the dehydration and loss of electrolytes and energy. It is an excellent electrolyte supplement for horses especially for working horses and for horses after exercise or racing. The oral supplement helps reverse the hypoglycaemia and aids recovery in cases of pregnancy toxaemia in ewes. Lectade supplies required nutrients during diarrhoea and helps in recovery process. It helps to minimize dehydration and boosts rehydration. Enriched with high nutritional value, Lectade is well suited as the first feed for newly bought-in calves, piglets, Iambs and kids where their environment is changed and where irregular feeding and the stress of transport may have upset normal digestion. The dietary supplement is highly palatable and readily accepted by the young ones.

  • Use only as directed.
  • Mix the two sachets as per the given instructions on the sachet.
  • Standard Pack – Mix the contents of one twin sachet (A+B) with two litres of warm water.
  • Sachet A and Sachet B should always be fed together.

Dose as Follows:

a) Calves

Bought-in calves: feed two litres of the above solution instead of milk as the first feed on arrival. For the second feed, give one litre of the Lectade® solution mixed with one litre of milk or milk replacer.

Scouring calves: Withdraw milk or milk replacer entirely and feed 2 litres of the Lectade® solution twice daily for 2 days. For the next four feeds, give 1 litre of Lectade® solution mixed with 1 litre of milk or, milk replacer. Thereafter, feed as normal.

b) Piglets

Suckling piglets: when showing signs of diarrhoea, Lectade® solution should be made available to the entire litter in a cube drinker or similar clean vessel.

Weaned pigs: solid feed restriction for 1-2 days should be imposed on weaners that suffer from scours. Lectade® solution should be made available to patients in a vessel-cube drinker, trough or drum with nipple drinker.

Agalactia: Where pigs are receiving reduced milk or none at all, Lectade® solution should be made available for a maximum of 2 days in order to prevent dehydration.

Stressful times: half the normal strength (= mix 1 pair of twin sachets A & B in 4 litres of water) and feed for 2 - 3 days following stressful periods such as weaning, transportation, etc.

c) Lambs and Kids

Feed 150-200 ml of the Lectade® solution made up as directed twice to four times daily as required. The solution should be fed at the animal’s body temperature using a feeding bottle and teat or stomach tube. Lambs and kids should be allowed to continue to suckle. Any unused solution should be kept in a clean container in a cool place but should be discarded 24 hours thereafter.

d) Sheep

Dissolve contents of sachets A & B in 200 ml of water. Administer using a drenching bottle. Repeat at 4 - 8 hour intervals as necessary.

e) Horses

Dissolve contents of sachets A & B in 5 litres of water and allow foals to drink. Alternatively, mix one sachet of Lectade® powder with 2 litres of water and, using a stomach tube, dose at approximately 20 - 30 ml of the solution/kg body mass. Repeat treatment daily as required.

  • A supplementary treatment to antibacterial therapy
  • Lowers scour duration and therapy
  • Replaces lost fluid and electrolytes
  • Effective treatment of pregnancy toxaemia in sheep
  • Used instead of milk, milk replacer or other feed during treatment period
  • In less severe cases it may suffice as the only treatment
  • Helpful to be used in conjunction with antibacterial therapy
  • Highly palatability helps in improving the intake of medications
  • For animal use only.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Use one sachet at one time for proper treatment.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Keep away from damp places.
  • For oral administration only.
  • There are no known contraindications of using this product.
  • Consult your Veterinarian regarding specific disease control.


  • Do not give only one sachet for treatment.
  • Avoid mixing with other supplements.

Active Ingredients: Sachet A: Glycine, citric acid and electrolytes; Sachet B: Dextrose

Application: Oral

Species: Cattle/Horses/Sheep

Product Type: Vitamins/Minerals

Manufacturer: Zoetis

Brand: Pfizer

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Lectade powder

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Amazing Product

I usually give it to my cattle when it is very sunny so they stay hydrated all the time.

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Best Rehydrating product

My cat got severely ill last month and suffered from diarrhea. After I treated her with Lectade, her condition improved in one hour and after a couple of hours she was completely normal. I was so happy to have found such an amazing product.

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