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Revolution for Dogs: The Real All-Rounder Treatment

  Dec 16, 2019

Revolution for Dogs: The Real All-Rounder Treatment

Adopting a dog is one of the best decisions one can make, but doing so also comes with added responsibilities. Taking care of them and protecting them from pesky parasites such as fleas and ticks is one of the key responsibilities a pet parent must fulfil. Despite your best efforts, your canine can fall prey to illnesses and get infected by parasites; some of which can be extremely fatal ones. Thus, to cure and prevent them from creepy critters, there are numerous products available in the market. One such powerful product is Revolution for dogs. This particular product is known to be effective against as many as seven parasites and vectors. Read on to know more about Revolution for dogs and why it is the real all-rounder treatment.

Revolution 7-in-1 Treatment for Dogs

Not many products out there can boast of being effective against as many as seven parasites. In fact, Revolution for dogs is one of the only few products that have a strong grip over so many vectors. Lets us take a look at what those seven parasites are!

  1. Fleas – Revolution effectively eliminates adult fleas, prevents flea eggs from hatching, and controls flea allergy dermatitis as well as flea infestations for one month.
  2. Heartworm – Excellent at preventing heartworm disease, which is caused by Dirofilaria immitis.
  3. Ear Mites - Otodectes cynotis or ear mites as they are widely known as are treated and efficiently controlled with Revolution.
  4. Ticks - Dermacentor variabilis, which is more commonly known as American dog tick or wood tick can be cured and controlled with the help of this spot-on treatment.
  5. Sarcoptic Mange - Sarcoptes scabiei or commonly known as sarcoptic mange is easily treated and controlled.
  6. Intestinal Worms – Worms such as roundworms are destroyed easily, especially in young dogs and puppies.
  7. Lice – Aids in the thorough treatment of lice including chewing lice.

Why Purchase Revolution for Your Dog?

The reasons why you should purchase Revolution for your dogs are plenty. Here, take a look at them.

  • The actual and real all-rounder treatment for dogs.
  • Effective against as many as seven parasites.
  • It comes in three different pack sizes.
  • Manufactured by Zoetis, a well-renowned manufacturer.
  • Cost-effective topical treatment.
  • Fast-acting formula that eliminates parasites quickly.
  • Easy to use spot-on solution.
  • Long-lasting waterproof treatment.
  • Safe to use on pregnant, breeding, and lactating dogs.
  • Suitable for all dog breeds and puppies over the age of 6 weeks.

How to Use Revolution on Your Dog?

As stated earlier, this spot-on treatment is extremely easy to administer. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Hold the applicator tube in an upright position.
  • Press the cap down until the applicator seal is broken.
  • Now part the hair at the base of the neck and hover the tube’s tip on the visible skin spot.
  • Squeeze out all the contents in the tube on one single spot.
  • Wait for approximately 2 hours before you bathe your pet to maintain proper efficacy.

With so many benefits and uses (and it’s super easy to administer), Revolution is surely a one-of-a-kind product, and rightly so regarded as an all-rounder treatment. To get this pawsome product at an affordable rate, visit BudgetPetSupplies where you get a vast array of quality pet products at the best prices all year round!

Revolution for Dogs: The Real All-Rounder Treatment

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Revolution for Dogs: The Real All-Rounder Treatment

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