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Tezi’s Day Out - First Ever Outing Experience of A Pet

  Mar 05, 2020

Tezi’s Day Out - First Ever Outing Experience of A Pet

I was at the corner twirling and twisting to secure some more space for me to sleep comfortably, and that’s when I was lifted by those soft hands. Yes, that day was a turning point in my life. I was taken to a beautiful abode with everything I could’ve ever imagined. The house was beautiful, a bit messy; surely less than the shelter though. But, you know what; the mess was all about spilt colours and brushes lying on the table with a canvas half painted with a lady carrying someone in the arms. However, after a few days, I gotto know that the half-painted canvas was waiting for me to be filling it with my presence in her life. 


Well, I am Tezi, Amhale’s pet dog, who was just adopted a couple of days ago. And oh, Amahle is my mommy! To add some meaning to my existence, she named me Tezi; someone who stays, and I surely will. Oh wait, I forgot to officially introduce my mommy Amhale. Yes, she’s just as her name…Amahle; the prettiest and the finest, and she’s an outstanding painter by profession. We reside in Cape Town in South Africa. 

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, it was the first-ever time when I saw the world that I was longing for, and I’m super excited to tell you about my very first outing with Amhale. 

Mommy was really different from others, and I can say that because I didn’t have to wait for weekends to go out with her. She didn’t go to the office, but she filled colours in her client’s life with those brushes and her impeccable paintings. 

It was a bright sunny day, and we were ready to rock the day. Undoubtedly, mommy was a nature lover, so she had plans to make me shake hands with nature’s beauty. Cape Town is a beautiful city, and our first destination was De Waal Park.

Perks of the Park

I have no idea there could be immensely open space with greenery just for us to play. De Waal Park was filled with numerous trees, wide-open spaces, and events and fun concerts. The unique place was so good for me to jump, sniff around, walk, exercise, and explore. Overall, we had fun!

Playtime on Bloubergstrand Beach

After the greenery and sniffing around, we headed towards Bloubergstrand Beach. What a place it was! Witnessing those waves once seemed to be impossible for me, but now when I visited there, it was so blissful, all thanks to mommy. The beach had its perfect view accompanied by the natural beauty and ocean scenic with all other beachgoers. We talked to the waves and walked in the sand, and there were food trucks and paved walkways near at hand. Visiting a beach was an entirely new experience for me, and I couldn’t have ever felt this delighted.

Lunch at Lighthouse Cafe

The beach vibes gave me the chills, and I was hungry by now. It was almost lunchtime when I got to know that our next destination is all about meals. We reached this amazing place called the Lighthouse Café which was such a delight and to be precise, a dog-friendly café… Yay! It had great interiors, delicious food, and a special space for me to relax. This was surely a purrrfect place for us to enjoy lunch. 

Duh…I forgot to mention about that stuff, which bothers almost all the pet parents. Yes, you got me right. I am talking about those nasty, creepy creatures named fleas and ticks. Sssssshhhh, I gotta whisper, otherwise, they’ll eavesdrop to my mommy’s secret of keeping them away. So, it’s quite simple. Mommy applied that magic solution on my back, and she promises that it will protect me from parasites, and guess what? The magic solution works. 

No matter what words my mommy paints and calls it to be a magic solution, but I heard her talking to aunt Annie, her best friend, that those were flea and tick preventives. And just like my smart mommy, you should try the  flea and tick preventives as well. Wanna know one more secret? She got the flea and tick preventives at discounted prices from Okay! I must hide now as I just spilled the beans on mommy’s secret of protecting me, but it will surely help you. Bye!

Tezi’s Day Out - First Ever Outing Experience of A Pet

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Tezi’s Day Out - First Ever Outing Experience of A Pet

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