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Products To Buy For Your Doggies This World Animal Day

  Sep 28, 2018

Products To Buy For Your Doggies This World Animal Day

October 4th is observed as World Animal’s day every year across the globe. It is a day dedicated to make the world a better place for all animals and to raise their status.

One of the most powerful ways to make world a better place for animals is to care for your pet in the best possible way. You can do this by stocking different pet products which can keep your furry pals healthy, active and free of diseases. Here are some of the products you must purchase to keep your Fido healthy and free of infestations.

Performance, weight gain and Immune products

These products mainly target on improving the overall health of your furry-pal.

  • You can give ‘Medimune’ tablets to your canines to improve their immunity. These oral tablets act as a nutritional supplement to improve and strengthen dogs from within.
  • Protexin’ is a pro-biotic powder used to restore stomach micro flora, thus you can use it for treating stomach infections in pets.
  • ‘Calmeze Liquid’ is useful in combating anxiety and stress in dogs. This liquid can be used for dogs that feel anxious while travelling, fireworks or thunderstorms.
  • ‘Canine calmer’ is a supplement that also reduces stress and anxiety in pets. These tablets help in controlling behavioral problems in dogs and also keep them calm.

Muscle and Joints Products

Muscle and Joint products mainly target the mobility of your furry-pal, keeping them active all throughout their life. Few of the products which can be used for your furry-companion are

  • ‘Arnica Ice Cooling Spray’ – it is a natural product which can be used to relieve stiffness of muscles and joints in dogs.
  • ‘Arthrimed Tablets’ are another joint health supplements for adult dogs. They can help in improving mobility of joints when used regularly.  
  • Flexi Bites Biscuits’ are unique oral supplements to improve joint health of your canine.
  • ‘Mobiflex Powder’ is specially formulated to maintain joint health in dogs. This oral treatment alleviates arthritis and other joint conditions in canines.

Intestinal Treatments

Digestive upsets hamper the overall growth of your furry-pal, so it is important to keep them free of these  ailments. Few products that are safe and recommended are 

  • ‘Canigest ‘- It is a paste to improve your fur-pal’s appetite and digestion.
  • Laxapet’ helps treat constipation in dogs.
  • ‘Pro-kolin’ Paste is a pro-biotic formulation of beneficial microorganisms to treat intestinal upsets.

Worming Medication

Worms are one of the common issues faced by all pet lovers. You can treat your canine with de-worming treatments at regular intervals (depending on the age and product used) to keep them strong and healthy. Products suggested by vets in this category are

  • ‘Drontal tablets’ are popular deworming tablets that work against common worms like tapeworms, hookworms which can make your doggie seriously sick.
  • ‘Program Plus’ is highly effective against the concurrent treatment of adult stages of gastro intestinal worms. This tablet also keeps fleas away from your pet.
  • ‘Antezole Liquid Suspension’ is highly effective against intestinal worms. The continuous use of this liquid eliminates roundworms and hookworms completely.
  • ‘Triworm-D’ treats all common worms in dogs, also preventing the recurrence of infestation.  

Flea & Tick control

Fleas and ticks are the most common reasons that make your pet-pal sick. These products can be given to your 4-legged pal on a regular basis to maintain good health and securing them from any diseases or infections. Most bought products in this league are

  • ‘Advantage’ is one of the best flea and lice treatment available. This topical solution prevents flea infestation for almost 4 weeks.
  • ‘Frontline Plus’ is a fast acting flea and tick control treatment which kills flea eggs and larvae.  Its long lasting effect lasts up to 4 weeks.
  • Bravecto is a chewable oral treatment for prevention of flea and tick infestation. It works on your dog for almost 12 weeks.
  • Advocate is a broad spectrum treatment for fleas, heartworms, intestinal worms, Demodex bites and many more. The product is effective for complete one month.

The suggested products are just a tip of the iceberg from the wide range of products available on the popular website “BudgetPetSupplies”. Buying these products for your pet can be your way to contribute in improving animal living standards.  So, go ahead and give your contribution.

Products To Buy For Your Doggies This World Animal Day

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Products To Buy For Your Doggies This World Animal Day

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