Simple Tricks to Make Your Pet’s Bath Time a Fun Time



Some dogs love bath time while some just think that it is a torture. For these dogs, mere mention of bath time will stress them out and put them in a panic mode which usually makes the task challenging and also thwarts you.

Luckily, things can be worked out for such fussy dogs. Here are a few simple steps that can help you make bath time a fun time.


Before commencing the ritual of bathing your dog, check the temperature of the water in the bathtub. If the water is too hot or too cold, your dog will not like it and would just run out when it comes to bathing. Therefore, ensure the right temperature which is suitable for them – not very hot or not very cold. 

Also when it comes rinsing, don’t forget that the temperature should be right. So, check carefully before rinsing that the water is moderate.

Drying your furry pal quickly after a bath for warmth makes bath time more comfortable. 


A shampoo should not irritate your pet’s skin but should enrich it. While picking up a shampoo, check that it is gentle as well as not harsh for your pet’s sensitive skin. A nourishing shampoo can be the best choice. Fill the bathtub with bubbles which can turn bath time to be a fun time. To see bubbles as the game will entice your furry pal and attract them to enjoy rather than scaring.


In bathtub do not keep the water too deep that your Fido cannot reach the bottom of the tub. Keep it up to the bottom of your dog’s belly. This will ensure that your dog will not feel unsafe and can keep his head above the waterline without any problems.

Also, don’t forget to put a non-slip mat on the floor of the bath. This will prevent your dog from slipping and going in a panic mode.


For most dogs, bath time can be tricky and they would love to avoid it. So, it is good to add zest to it, by including some toys in your dog’s bath. Throw a collection which will float on water and encourage your dog to get in there and play with it. These interactive toys will hold their attention while you soap and rinse their dirty areas.


Treats are a luscious part of the bath time if your dog is reluctant to get in the bath. Keep plenty of them handy and treat your furry pal throughout the bathing ritual, using them as a bite for them to follow the command.

Well, throughout the bath time also ensure that your demeanor and tone remains calm, loving and reassuring your dog the sense of safety. This will leave the whole experience of bathing as fun and your pooch would look forward to it.


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