Question from Ian
My Alsatian always seems to be limping after going for a run around the block. Could this be a joint problem? What is the best way to treat this?
Our Vet Says:
Hi Ian,  Athena may have a joint problem, or it could be a muscular injury.  I would suggest you stop running with her for about a week and allow her to rest, if it is a minor musclur injury the rest will help the body to repair.  Please check under her paw that no small stones or sticks have gotten between the pawpads on her run.  If this does not help she would need a check up with your local veterinarian, your vet may advise radiographs (x-rays) to check if her joints are healthy.  
With Athena being 8 she is considered to be a senior pet, it is a good idea to put her on an appropriate diet for her age that supports her joints.  It will also be a good idea to start her on joint support, (e.g Mobiflex for large dogs) as a supplement.  This will help slow down cartilage breakdown which is the cause of arthritis and a problem in our senior pets.


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