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shirley ann

Hi. Tottles is very active for her age and weight (gave her a good home when friends went overseas) for the last 3 or 4 days she has been walking with her head down and isn’t as active as usual. she is eating well. I checked her paws and teeth and pressed her muscles to see if she seemed sore, but nothing seems wrong there. Any advise?? Thank you

Our vet answers

Hi Shirley Ann, Sorry for the delay in response. Tottles may have a sore neck. It would be best to get her to her veterinarian for a full check if she is still showing this behaviour. Being a Dachshund, there is a worry of disc problems in their backs, which could be causing the problem. Otherwise she may have sore joints from arthritis. With a full clinical exam your vet will be able to assist.  I hope Tottles feels better soon! 

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Good day, We will be getting a JR puppy 10 December 2018 when she will be around 12 weeks old. My parents have a JRxDaschund and their poor doggy got the much dreaded heart worm (Spirocera lupi) - she is however doing fairly well and getting all the relevant medications assisting with the damage the worm has already done. Because JR dogs are so active I will be giving Pip monthly deworming that will target Spirocera lupi. I was thinking of using MILBEMAX CLASSIC TABLETS FOR DOGS � HEARTWORM & WORM PREVENTIVE on a monthly basis. I of course also want to treat her for fleas and so on (prevention) and I saw that your product REVOLUTION FOR KITTENS & PUPPIES 0-2.5KG - PINK (0.25ML) works for ticks, fleas and the heartworm Dirofilaria immitis. Can I use both these products on a monthly basis as prevention against worms, ticks, fleas and the heartworm? I am so afraid of over medicating. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Angelique

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She is on Mobiflex LD powder. Can the Mobiflex pill as add-on make any difference? Or, which is better?

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dmc victor

How many Milbemax tablets must be used for dogs over 5 kg. is their a calculation per weight ?

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I have been told that Bravecto will have an bad effect on my dogs kidneys, is this true?

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Hi. I have two questions. 1) Hardie has been doing excessive paw licking and chewing lately. I have tried changing his diet but no improvement. 2) I have heard and read horrific stories about some tick and flea treatment causing seizures and misbehaviour in dogs. I am specifically referring to Bravecto which I have been using a couple of times. What would your comment be on that? Thanks!

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Cats & Kittens

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