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Top-Rated Cat Flea and Tick Treatments

Buy Cat Flea and Tick Control Online in South Africa

Cats are the most adorable furry pets one could have and raising one means buying them all the best essentials needed. Budget Pet Supplies brings you the best products from trusted brands; it is one of the best online stores in the entirety of South Africa that brings you various cat health care products. Before looking any further, every feline parent should know about the health risk created by parasites. The most common parasites that affects cat’s health are fleas and ticks and it’s important to get on top of all the information about these parasites to safeguard your precious feline furry friend.

How do cats get fleas and ticks?

Cats can pick up fleas from your yard or other pets and small animals. Fleas can also hop onto your clothes and be carried inside your house.

How to get rid of ticks and fleas from cats?

It is important to protect your furr-iend from dangerous infections and diseases. There are various flea and tick products for cats that are available at Budget Pet Supplies including flea and tick collar for cats, flea and tick tablets, chewable flea and tick, flea and tick powder, and flea and tick dip for cats

What to use for ticks and fleas on cats?

You can choose from the many products available on Budget Pet Supplies and select the best option for your feline friend. Frontline cats and seresto cat collar are among the best brands, other brands include Capstar, Advantage, revolution cat treatment, Ultrum, Karbadust, and broadline cat spot on protection solution.

When to give your cats flea and tick treatment?

You can start administering the treatment on the first sign on infections or provide them with monthly treatments to keep them protected from the nasty bugs. Initial signs of flea and tick infection include excessive scratching or grooming, red and inflamed skin or visible fleas on the body. Discuss the listed products with your veterinarian and provide the best possible care to your precious feline friend.

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Youth Day Sale
12% Off*
Use Code: YOUTH12