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The "Ask Our Vet" section aims to answer any questions you may have about your pet's health.

Each month we'll award R500 to one lucky winner as 'Question of the Month', which we will choose based on the originality and usefulness of the question. We will publish the winning question and answer on this page every month.

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  shirley ann
| September Winner
Winner R500
shirley ann

Hi. Tottles is very active for her age and weight (gave her a good home when friends went overseas) for the last 3 or 4 days she has been walking with her head down and isn’t as active as usual. she is eating well. I checked her paws and teeth and pressed her muscles to see if she seemed sore, but nothing seems wrong there. Any advise?? Thank you

Our vet answers

Hi Shirley Ann, Sorry for the delay in response. Tottles may have a sore neck. It would be best to get her to her veterinarian for a full check if she is still showing this behaviour. Being a Dachshund, there is a worry of disc problems in their backs, which could be causing the problem. Otherwise she may have sore joints from arthritis. With a full clinical exam your vet will be able to assist.  I hope Tottles feels better soon! 

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Dogs & Puppies

suki woods

do your dispense anti biotics & cortisone

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dianne dawes

I have just give Poppy the three month dose of bravecto for fleas and ticks - how soon can I bath her as she is scratching like crazy!

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Why would my adopted sharpei female have a cough suddenly - she came from a rescue centre a week ago and was fine - but she has developed a little cough suddenly

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krishnan padayachee

I administered Bravecto for large dogs in the 1st week of December 2018 and this dose should have been good until the end of February 2019, but I found a very engorged large tick on her on Friday. should I be changing to another brand of tick and flea control. I did have very successful results with Bravecto and am using it ever since it�s introduction to the market, on recommendation from my Vet.

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Hi, Max is seven months old and he is constantly getting fleas and ticks. I try cleaning him on a daily basis which is becoming tiresom. Can you perhaps recommend me to a good tablet? Thank you

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Cats & Kittens


Our tabby Seth got a vomiting problem for years. Got 2 scans & the camera to see whats wrong in his tummy area. Tried lots of medications & treatments, nothing seems to clear up the problem. Change Vets recently, he changed his diet to only Hills i/d and prescribes Meditrich tablets 1 every 12 hours. Nearly two weeks with no vomiting at all! Will Seth be on this tablets every day from now on? I’ve got pigeons in our garden that got this crop canker problem sometimes, I see you can give Meditrich to them as well, if so, do I give a whole tablet to the pigeon, will this help if they don’t want to eat anymore? Please help?

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gillian ee

We are desperate for help, our newest addition to the family Twinkle is extremely high maintenance. She was abandoned and dumped in a box and when we found her she was down wih acute pnemonia and he tummy was sagging and almost touching the ground..her breathing was laboured. We sent her to our vet who had her hospitalized for 5 days and extras were taken showing her tummy had mostly air inside. Apart from that we were informed she might have asthma something we will have to deal with for the rest of her life. Blood tests were taken etc..a month later we had her dewormed thrice as she was vommiting and pooping live worms from her that things have settled down and she has now added some weight a healthy 6.2kg her latest issue is her unwillingness to pee and poop in any of the 6 litter boxes in the house. All the others are well behaved and completely potty trained. The litter boxes are cleaned at least twice or 3 times a day. Water bowls at least 5 times a day and food dishes washed min. twice a day..we have tried micro silicon, big silicon, pellets, natural clumping litter, stredded newspaper and don’ know what is causing her to misbehave...she only pees and poops on the newspapaer or on the tile or our wooded floors..we have now placed her on Hills urinary /stress food but there seems to be no improvement...she’s not being bullied as she is huge compared to the rest of the family..please can you help us and share some light...

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douglas walker

My one Ginger cat losses excessive hair all over the place. The other 2 don’t - what could be the reason and can I control it.

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gillian ee

I have two babies who may have feline ringworm :) and I need to treat them along with 5 other babies at home. I was told there was a less invasive solution besides the tri-worm pills. Please advise as I am new to this.

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What does natural mean on a food label?

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