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Skin care is an important aspect that needs adhering to, especially if you are a cat parent. There are many cats that succumb to numerous skin-related problems, and hence, it becomes imperative for pet parents to do all it takes to prevent such problems from beforehand. While there are several excellent skin care products to pick from, Dermoscent Essential 6 seems to be the perfect fit for your cat. Don’t believe us? Well, read on to know more.

Why Opt For Dermoscent Essential 6 For Your Cat?

Dermoscent Essential 6 for cats is a powerful and excellent skin and coat care product. There are many benefits this particular skin care product possesses and we will be taking a look at them.

  • Provides a simple and highly efficient solution for cutaneous imbalances (which is also referred to as kerato-seborrhoeic disorders).

  • Restores the hydration level of the skin and reinforces the skin barrier function.

  • Enhances and nourishes the skin and coat shine.

  • Treats dry, flaky, and scaly skin as well as moisturises it.

  • Patented solution with no added fragrances.

  • The solution is made up of 100% natural ingredients.

  • Assists in reinforcing the natural defenses against bacteria, yeast, fungi, and external parasites.

  • Helps in the proper reduction of scales and dandruff.

  • Aids in diminishing hair loss (outside the seasonal moult) and supports the re-growth of hair.

  • How To Use Dermoscent Essential 6 On Your Cat?

    With so many benefits, Dermoscent Essential 6 is truly an essential skin care product for your cat. This topical solution is quite easy to use and the following steps must be kept in mind while using this excellent skin care treatment.

  • Spread the cat’s fur at the base of its neck, in between the shoulder blades.

  • Apply one pipette to the skin every week for an initially two successive months followed by regular and continuous use of one pipette for every 2 weeks as long as it seems necessary.

  • Do not bathe the cat two days before or after the application of this solution.

  • Things To Keep In Mind

    No doubt Dermoscent Essential 6 is a wonderful skin care treatment for cats, but there are a few things that every cat parent must keep in mind.

  • Do not use Dermoscent Essential 6 on kittens of cats that are below 12 weeks old.

  • If you notice any irritation, use a mild, grease cutting soap to remove the product from skin immediately and discontinue it. Consult your veterinarian if any irritation still occurs.

  • This product is meant for topical animal use only.

  • Keep the solution out of the reach of children.

  • Dermoscent Essential 6 is truly a proper and ideal skin care solution for cats and you can get this excellent topical treatment at a reasonable discounted rate only if you purchase it from BudgetPetSupplies. Hurry, get yours NOW!


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