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Why Shaving Your Cat Is Essential?

  Jan 26, 2019

Why Shaving Your Cat Is Essential?

Grooming is one of the essentials for a healthier and hygienic lifestyle for your cat. One such method of grooming includes shaving the feline’s fur. While most cat parents are skeptical about this, shaving your cat from time to time is very essential for a number of reasons. Read on to know why shaving your feline friend is so important.

Reasons for Shaving Your Cat

As stated earlier, there are various reasons why you should shave your cat on a regular basis. Let us look at them one by one.

1. Climatic Conditions

The climate is one of the main reasons why you should shave your furry pal’s hair. Some countries especially in South Africa, it gets extremely hot and humid. Shaving the fur can do a world of good to your pal as it eliminates all the discomforts felt by him including making him feel relatively less hot than before.

2. Matted Fur

Another good reason to shave your cat is due to matted fur. This can not only be painful but can cause irritation and infection. Matter fur generally occurs when the undercoat fur loosens from the skin of the cat but is not wholly removed (brushing, for example). Hence, if your cat has matted fur and plenty of them then just do her a favor and shave her fur. Trust us, she will be relieved.

3. Aids Wounded and Skin-infected Cats

Sometimes deep would and skin infection cannot be spotted due to excess fur cover. The infection or wound may go unnoticed for days and later on, cause added problems. Hence, this is where shaving your pal plays an important role. Regular shaves from time to time and aid you in spotting for skin infections or wounds. It also helps you to easily apply spot-ons and creams in the infected areas which in turn increases the effectiveness of the formula applied.

4. Reduces Hairballs

Shaving off most of the hair on your cat’s body can drastically reduce the amount of hair your pal can ingest while self-grooming. Hairballs are a nuisance and can cause serious life-threatening blockages. Hence, one of the common reasons behind a vet’s recommendation for you to shave your feline’s hair will be due to hairballs.

5. Keeps Surroundings Clean

Shaving does not only benefit your cat, but it can also benefit you too. How? Well, shaving your pal’s fur can and will reduce hair fall. This, in turn, helps to keep the surroundings and house clean. You need not have to take out the vacuum cleaner and go around the entire house cleaning cat hair.

6. Makes Your Cat Look Smart

Shaving your buddy’s fur not only keeps him hygienic but also makes him look well groomed and smart. Don’t you feel so? Trust us, your furry pal sure feels like that!


These six points are enough reasons why you should shave your cat (not necessarily complete shave) every once in a while. Now that you know the benefits of shaving, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a professional who can shave your feline or simply do it yourself provided you have experience of the confidence to do such a task. Happy shaving!

Why Shaving Your Cat Is Essential?

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Why Shaving Your Cat Is Essential?

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