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Coopers Supadip for Horses, Dogs and Livestock (100ml)

4.8/ 5
Reviews: 33
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Brand: Coopers
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Coopers Supadip Spray and Dip - Tick Control for Horses/Dogs

Coopers Supadip is an excellent remedy for the control of ectoparasites on cattle, horses, sheep, goats and dogs. The dip helps in controlling various types of external parasites on horses, dogs, sheep, goats and cattle. It effectively controls mange, ticks and lice on cattle. The spray formulation treats ticks on horses. Supadip helps in preventing flea infestation on horses. It protects sheep against maggot fly infestation. The potent ingredient eradicates lice on sheep and goats. It controls ticks and fleas on dogs. Coopers Supadip is easy to apply and highly effective against major parasites on dogs and horses. When applied weekly, the dip helps in eradicating ticks and prevents tick infested diseases. It is easy to apply and acts quickly.

  • For hand treatment – Take 1 litre/600 litres water
  • Use spray watering can.
  • Thoroughly saturate coat.
  • Ensure complete coverage.
  • Pay particular attention to legs, belly and head.
  • Treat weekly for tick control.
  • Controls ticks on horses
  • Controls ticks and fleas on dogs
  • Protects horses against tick bites and tick infested diseases
  • Eliminates lice and keds on sheep and goats
  • Protects sheep against maggot fly infestations
  • Controls ticks on sheep and goats
  • Treats and controls ticks, mange and lice on cattle
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Store in original container with cap tightly closed.
  • Store under lock and key.
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink while handling this product.
  • Wear protective clothing and rubber gloves.
  • Avoid inhalation of spray wash.
  • Wash immediately in the event of skin contact.
  • Remove contaminated clothing and wash before re-use.
  • Empty containers should be rinsed, punctured and disposed of in a safe manner.


  • Do not store near flammable objects.      
  • Do not slaughter animals for human consumption for 14 days after last treatment.
  • No milk withdrawal period.
  • Do not dip calves, lambs, kids or foals under 1 month of age.
  • Do not dip puppies under 3 months of age, or nursing bitches.
  • Do not dip hot, tired or thirsty animals.
  • Do not use on cats or pigs.
  • Toxic to fi­sh - do not contaminate waterways.
  • Toxic to insects, birds and other animals.

Active Ingredients: Chlorfenvinphos

Application: Topical

Species: Horses/Dogs/Cattle/Sheep/Goats

Product Type: Dips/Repellants

Manufacturer: Afrivet

Brand: Coopers

Product Reviews
Reviews: 33
5 Star 4 Star 3 Star 2 Star 1 Star
Coopers Supadip
Coopers Supadip

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Go for it!
May 24, 2024

Dip solution for controlling ectoparasites in livestock.

Kills easily
Apr 23, 2024

The dip helps in controlling various types of parasites from my cattles

Prevents well
Mar 27, 2024

The product controls ectoparasites really well

Skin care essentials
Feb 28, 2024

It mostly solves the problem really well.

Cattle flea care
Jan 29, 2024

Using this for my cattle flea protection and it works great

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