Bravecto Chew VS Bravecto Spot On



Which is the better flea and tick treatment?

In recent years, preventative treatment for dogs has improved significantly, offering pets and their owners a wide choice of alternatives to fulfill their health, well-being, and lifestyle needs. There are tick, flea, mite, and deworming treatments for every dog — it just varies on how they are applied, how they suit an animal, and how efficiently they control the parasites' problem.

The two most prevalent types of tick and flea preventative treatment are a spot-on treatment applied to the dog's coat from the shoulder blades to the tail and an oral chewable tablet that provides a long-lasting barrier against ticks and fleas from within. Bravecto (by MSD Animal Health) is available in both topical and oral formulations, thus we're comparing the two to get our conclusion:


So, which is preferable? 

After weighing the administration, efficacy, and duration of action of Bravecto chew versus Bravecto spot-on, you may decide which tick and flea preventative option is most suited to your lifestyle and your furry pet. For example, if your dog's skin is sensitive, or if it is an ardent swimmer who is exposed to water on a daily basis, it may prefer to eat the chew.

The Bravecto chew is also more convenient for guide dogs of the visually handicapped, who may struggle with a topical application.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach and it snubs the chew or if you want a more cost-effective and long term treatment then spot-on is a better option.

Whether you use a chew or a spot-on treatment will be determined by your dog's health and your lifestyle. The chew, in our opinion, is no-mess, no-fuss, whereas the spot-on treatment provides a more direct, parasite-repelling and killing action that lasts longer. To truly understand which the finest option is, consult with your veterinarian and get their expert advice.




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