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In a country like South Africa, we don’t prepare ourselves for any tick and flea season; rather, due to its bleak climate, we usually spend most of the months in the summer-rainfall season and ongoing attacks of Parasites. Thus, we always have to prepare our pets against the flea and tick throughout the year to be happy, energized, and alive.

Bravecto has been such an amazing support to the pet owners and the best guard companion for all the canine pets. This effective and the most trusted product is almost 100% effective protection against ticks and flea, and it also has two variants – Chewable and Topical.

Why do people choose Bravecto?

1. Its constituents stay longer, making it very long-lasting prevention – 12 weeks of complete tick and flea-days.

2. It is a tried and tested product with no complications and no major side effects.
3. It is safe to use with pregnant dogs, lactating dogs, and even while breeding.
4. It has a powerful active ingredient fluralaner from the isoxazoline group which kills the fleas before they can lay eggs, preventing further spread.
5. It can easily be given to your pet even if he or she is under-going with other treatments.
6. It also cures ear mites.
7. Bravecto has also been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Department.

Which Bravecto to Choose?

Bravecto Chews or Bravecto Spot on both are equally effective. The choice depends on which form of treatment you and your pet are comfortable with.

#1 Bravecto Chews start working within 2 hours of intake.

They are useful for pets who have sensitive skin, tend to get affected by new smells, and love to always have different kinds of treats. It is also beneficial for pet- owners who do not like applying it on their pet’s skin.

But if your pet has a sensitive stomach then we would recommend using Bravecto Spot-on.

#2 Bravecto Spot-on acts on an immediate basis. As soon you apply. It starts to perform its task within 6 hours to make your pet free from existing fleas and ticks and create a shield against the parasites.

Within 48 hours of the Bravecto infestation, it kills 90% of lone star ticks, 93.3% of black-legged ticks, American dog ticks, and brown dog ticks.

Where can you buy Bravecto at the best price?

You can easily buy any Bravecto as per your convenience only at budgetpetsupplies and at the best price.


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