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Nexgard and Bravecto: Which One Is The Better Product?

  Nov 04, 2019

Nexgard and Bravecto: Which One Is The Better Product?

If you’re a pet parent, you’ll know exactly what fleas and ticks are and how dangerous they can be. In South Africa especially, fleas and ticks are in abundance throughout the year. It becomes difficult to protect your pets, and having to rely on preventatives becomes mandatory. There are quite a lot of preventatives available in the market, but none are better than Nexgard and Bravecto. Now both these flea and tick treatments are highly rated, and it becomes difficult to pick either one. But don’t worry because we have compared both the products so that it becomes easier for you to pick the appropriate one. Before we head over to the comparison, let us first look at both products in brief.

What is Nexgard?

Manufactured by Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim, Nexgard chewable tablets are tasty oral chew that is very effective in eliminating fleas and ticks on dogs. It is also good against Flea Allergy Dermatitis and begins killing fleas in just 30 minutes.

What is Bravecto?

Like Nexgard, Bravecto tablets are a palatable oral chew that helps in the proper elimination of fleas and ticks. It is manufactured by MSD Animal Health and effectively reduces Flea Allergy Dermatitis. Bravecto begins killing fleas within 2 hours from the time it is administered.

# Similarities Between Nexgard and Bravecto

Before comparing Nexgard and Bravecto, let us first look at their similarities. They have a few similarities that have been jotted down below:

Main Task: The main task for both Nexgard and Bravecto is to kill fleas and ticks and prevent future infestations, and both products do that very effectively.

Flea Eggs: Nexgard and Bravecto both kill fleas before they can lay eggs. And they do it so efficiently. Hence, there is demand for both products in the market!

Easy to Use: Bravecto Chews and Nexgard Chewables are very easy to use. All you have to do is toss one chew directly into the dog’s mouth or mix it with its meal.

Mode of Administration: Both flea and tick treatments are administered orally. They are meant for consumption.

Minimum Age: Nexgard and Bravecto can only be used on puppies that are over the age of 8 weeks.

# Comparing Nexgard and Bravecto

Nexgard and Bravecto seem alike, yet they are so different from each other. Let us delve into the differences.

Time Taken to Kill Fleas: Nexgard begins getting rid of fleas in just 30 minutes, and within 24 hours, it achieves 100% efficacy. On the other hand, Bravecto starts working and begins killing fleas within 2 hours.

Treatment Length: Nexgard protects your dog from future infestations by remaining effective for as long as 30 days. However, the effectiveness of Bravecto lasts much longer. Bravecto provides parasite protection for as long as 12 weeks.

Key Ingredient: Though Nexgard and Bravecto kill fleas and ticks, their active ingredient is different from each other. While Afoxolaner is the key ingredient in Nexgard, Bravecto has Fluralaner as its key ingredient.

Taste: Bravecto is a tasty chew whereas Nexgard is a palatable beef-flavored chewable.

Dosage Pattern: Nexgard is a monthly treatment and the dosage pattern is one chewable per month. Bravecto though is different, and the dosage pattern is one chew every three months.

Safety: Bravecto is highly safe to be given to breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs. On the flip side, the safe use of Nexgard on breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs has not yet been evaluated.

Manufacturer: Nexgard is manufactured by Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim while Bravecto comes straight from the house of MSD Animal Health.

Price: There's a vast difference in the price of Bravecto and Nexgard. Bravecto’s cost is almost three times more than that of Nexgard, but this shouldn’t affect your choice while selecting the appropriate flea and tick oral treatment.

Nexgard or Bravecto?

In conclusion, we’d like to say that both Nexgard and Bravecto are excellent flea and tick products. Either can be opted for based on numerous factors. For example: if you are seeking a relatively cheaper oral treatment, then Nexgard is the one. But if you are looking for a treatment that shows longer efficacy, then Bravecto is the perfect fit. Thus, you should pick the ideal treatment for your fur buddy based on such factors.

Moreover, after the comparison, we can see that Bravecto slightly pips Nexgard. This does not mean that Nexgard is inferior to Bravecto, but is slightly better overall and a tad more reliable and safe than Nexgard.

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