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Discover the Best Cat & Dog Litter Odor Eliminators to Keep Your Home

  Nov 06, 2023

Discover the Best Cat & Dog Litter Odor Eliminators to Keep Your Home

Pets are just adorable. They fill your world with joy and love. But their charm and love do not wrap the fetor they bring when they urinate and defecate. You want to get rid of that malodorous aroma as quickly as you can, don't you? To achieve this objective, you need something that can eliminate the foul smell or if not completely eradicate, at least control it.

There are various dog and cat litter odour control products available in the market, but only some of them do the job well. In this blog, we have covered some of the effective litter odour eliminators with essential tips to keep your home odor-free. Read thoroughly to learn more.

Best Dog & Cat Litter Odour Control Products

There are various cat litter dog and cat litter odour control products available in the market that aids in controlling foul smells of litter. Here are some of the popular products in this category:

Pheroma Odour Neutraliser

Pheroma Spray is composed to eliminate offensive pet odours including urine, feces and other foul smells.

Course of Action

Contrary to regular odour removers, Pheroma chemically neutralises bad odours without causing stains or damaging the fabric.


  • Non-toxic formula that does not cause any adverse effects
  • Biodegradable and can be decomposed naturally
  • Neutralizes pet odours and promotes freshness
  • Effective in controlling odours of pet urine, feces and other smells
  • Does not cause staining or damage to fabrics
  • Can be used on car upholstery

Where to Buy

BudgetPetSupplies is the best place to buy Pheroma Spray as it not only provides the best price but also offers you season discounts all year around. Order now and get the best deals on this product.

Pheroma Powder

Pheroma Powder is useful in deodorising animal urine and litter, pet's sleeping areas and bedding, dustbins and around the home.

Course of Action

Pheroma Powder works by interactions of substances that counteract foul smells of pet's fecal and urine odours immediately without masking the offensive odours.


  • Effective pet odour neutraliser
  • Pleasant-smelling powder
  • Deodorises animal litter without masking offensive odour
  • Removes urine and fecal odours instantly
  • Useful on both new and existing litter

Where to Buy

If you wish to buy a litter odor controller at a discounted price and that too with free shipping, visit BudgetPetSupplies. The site offers various other pet essentials at extremely low prices.

Tips for Choosing Appropriate Litter 

To keep your home free from litter odours, it is necessary for you to choose the right litter that helps minimise urine and fecal odours. Here are some characteristics you should look for in a pet litter:

=>> Non-toxic

Regardless of the type of product you use for your pet, their safety is utmost crucial. Therefore, it is vital that you choose the litter that does not contain any toxic elements or chemicals that can be harmful to your pet.

=>> Odour Control

The first and foremost objective for using a litter is to control foul smells hence it is absolutely necessary that you buy litters that come with odour-eliminating properties.

=>> Clumps Easily

It is easy to scoop out the waste from the clumping litter making the cleaning of the litter box easy, thus reducing foul smells.

Measures for Controlling Litter Box Odours

Other than choosing the right kind of odour eliminator and pet litter, there's much more you can do to control the terrible litter box smell. Here are a few tips you can follow:

=>> Scoop Frequently

Keeping the litter box sanitised is one of the best ways to minimise litter odours. If you cannot scoop the waste out every time your pet uses the litter box, try to do it at least twice a day, this is an easy way of keeping home fresh and clean.

=>> Change the Litter

You will always leave some waste in the litter box even if you follow the practice of scooping frequently. Therefore, changing the litter more often helps your pet's paws stay sanitary and reduce the litter odours.

=>> Provide Multiple Litter Boxes

If you only provide your pet with one litter box, it is surely going to produce terrible smells and this goes even worse in multiple households. But if you provide your pet with options, it will definitely reduce foul smells from building up. Keep at least two litter boxes per pet.

=>> Use Odour Eliminator

Instead of masking the odours with scented sprays or candles, use efficient litter odour eliminators that break the odour molecules and prevent the use of additional deodorisers. You can try using Pheroma Odour Neutraliser Spray or Pheroma Powder.

=>> Appropriate Diet

Smelly litter odours can also be a result of your pet's digestive problems. Give your pets food that is easy to digest and prevent digestive upsets.


Keeping your home free from litter odours is the first step towards providing your pets with fruitful life. The products and tips mentioned in this article will help you achieving this motive for sure.

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Discover the Best Cat & Dog Litter Odor Eliminators to Keep Your Home

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Discover the Best Cat & Dog Litter Odor Eliminators to Keep Your Home

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