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Simparica vs. Revolution Which one is better for your dog?

  Dec 31, 2021

Simparica vs. Revolution Which one is better for your dog?

Pet parents will go to any height to protect their furry children from harm, which is why flea and tick treatment is absolutely essential. However, the options, like many things in today's world, can be overwhelming. Simparica Tablets and Revolution are two of the most popular treatments. Both of these products provide top-tier protection against dangerous infestations, but there are some distinctions that can help you choose between the two. Continue reading for more information that may assist you in weighing your options.

What distinguishes Simparica from Revolution?

While both treatments are taken monthly, the first difference is that Simparica is a chewable tablet and Revolution is a topical treatment. Simparica kills fleas and ticks with Saroloner. Whereas Selamectin - a topical parasiticide and anthelminthic is present in Revolution that works to control fleas, American dog ticks, flea larvae, ear mites, sarcoptic mange and heartworm disease. Simparica starts working to eliminate fleas in 3 hours and ticks in 8 hours, while Revoultion kills fleas in 12 hours.

Both of these powerful treatments are easily available in the market. Revolution is suitable for puppies aged 6 weeks and up, whereas Simparica is suitable for dogs aged 6 months and up. Revolution is safe to use in pregnant, lactating, or breeding dogs, but Simparica's safety has not been evaluated for use in pregnant, lactating, or breeding dogs.




Eliminate Fleas Yes Yes
Repels Fleas No No
Eliminate Flea Eggs and Larvae No Stops development
Eliminate Ticks Yes American Dog Ticks
Repels Ticks No No
Repels Mosquitoes No No
Prevents Heartworm No Yes
Additional Parasites Control No Ear mites and sarcoptic mange
Waterproof Yes since taken orally Yes
Working Kills fleas within 3 hours and ticks within 8 hours Starts killing fleas within 12 hours
Flavor Liver N/A
Active Ingredient Sarolaner Selamectin
Treatment Type Chewable Tablet Topical
Dosing 1 tablet per month Monthly application
Age Dogs 6 months and older weighing at least 2.8 pounds Dogs 6 weeks and older
Manufacturer Zoetis Zoetis
Safety Safety has not been evaluated for use in breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs Safe for use in breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs

Most important takeaways on Simparica vs. Revolution

In many cases, your dog's condition (pregnant, lactating, or breeding), age, and treatment requirements will assist you in deciding between these two treatment options. If you have a young puppy (over the age of 6 weeks but less than 6 months), or if you prefer topical treatment, Revolution may be a good choice. Simparica may be the best option if your dog is over the age of 6 months or if an oral flea and tick treatment is more convenient for you and your dog. Simparica is an excellent choice if your dog only needs flea and tick treatment. Revolution may be a good choice if you need additional protection, such as heartworm prevention.

When it comes to selecting a flea and tick treatment for your specific dog, your veterinarian is your best resource. Your veterinarian is the expert on you and your dog, and he or she can recommend a treatment that is appropriate for your dog's lifestyle, meets your needs, and protects your dog from parasites. Your veterinarian can also help you with any questions you may have.

Simparica vs. Revolution Which one is better for your dog?

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Simparica vs. Revolution Which one is better for your dog?

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