The Best And Most Effective Intestinal And Heartworm Products For Dogs



Dogs in South Africa are prone to many illnesses and diseases, especially household ones. Thus, as pet parents, it is essential to stay alert and protect your pets from all harmful parasites. That being said, putting your buddy on preventative schedules are the best way forward. And speaking of this, intestinal and heartworm products are extremely important for your canine’s overall well-being. Hence, in this blog, we will be looking at the best and most effective intestinal and heartworm products for dogs in South Africa. Keep reading on to know more.

The Best Intestinal Products For Dogs

First, let us begin with the best intestinal products for dogs. Below are the three best intestinal products for canines and young puppies. Read through them all before making your choice. And remember, you can get these products at affordable rates only on BudgetPetSupplies.co.za!

Best Intestinal Products For Dogs south Africa

#1. Pro-Kolin Plus

Pro-Kolin Plus is a wonderful probiotic product for dogs as well as cats. It is highly palatable and lubricates the gut lining during intestinal issues or diarrheal conditions. Enriched with beneficial micro-organisms, it helps to correct a disrupted digestive system. Moreover, the properties in the product help in binding stools during diarrhea. It also helps in promoting gut function mechanisms and improves the consistency of stools. Thus, it keeps the digestive system healthy.

#2. Laxapet Laxative Gel

Laxapet Laxative Gel is a wonderfully formulated gel treatment for dogs. It helps in treating constipation in both dogs as well as cats. The treatment also helps soften the feces and eases stool passage. Moreover, this oral gel lubricates the alimentary canal and supports the natural expulsion process in pets. The malt-based gel is highly palatable and is readily accepted by most pets. Besides, this treatment is extremely safe for pets.

#3. Canigest Paste

Canigest Paste is an excellent and nutritional product for dogs. This wonderful oral paste aids in treating digestive conditions as well as relieves digestive upsets. Moreover, it is highly beneficial in improving appetite as well as digestion. The paste provides gut microbes that help in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Besides, it is suitable for all dogs and can be given to them along with their daily food intake.

The Best Heartworm Products For Dogs

Now, let us go through some of the best heartworm products for dogs. Below are three of the best heart wormers that are currently ruling the roost. And yes, you can get these heartworm products at extensively low rates only on BudgetPetSupplies.co.za!

Best Heartworm Products For Dogs south Africa

#1. Milbemax Tablets

Milbemax tablets is a fantastic worming treatment for dogs. It aids in providing effective heartworm protection to dogs for approximately a month. Besides, this amazing treatment is also effective in treating worms such as hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. This treatment is easy to administer to all dog breeds and more importantly, it is very safe (for breeding and pregnant dogs as well).

#2. Revolution Spot-On

One of the best topicals in the world is Revolution. This incredible topical form of treatment is a broad-spectrum product. It helps in preventing heartworm infection that is caused by Dirofilaria immitis. Revolution provides month-long heartworm protection. Moreover, it also helps in killing fleas, flea eggs, and also controls heavy infestation of fleas. Besides, Revolution treats ear mites, sarcoptic mange, and chewing lice.

#3. Advocate

Like Revolution, Advocate is also regarded as a broad-spectrum treatment. It helps in effectively preventing heartworm infection for a month on dogs. Besides that, it helps in treating fleas, intestinal worms (roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms), ear and demodex mites, as well as sarcoptic mange. Advocate also helps in preventing skin diseases in dogs. It is easy to use and suitable for dogs and puppies.

While these are currently the best intestinal and heartworm products for dogs, you can check out for more on BudgetPetSupplies.co.za So what are you waiting for? Go hop over to South Africa’s leading online pet care store and shop for some essential pet supplies for your furry buddies!


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