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Dogs are the super-cool companion. They fill so much fun in our boring lives. For dogs it is all about eat, lick, love, play and repeat. Most dogs love to eat, so if you find your dog being picky or refusing to have his meal and you are not sure why, then it becomes a major concern. Just as humans, even the dog’s appetite keeps fluctuating. It may be worrisome to see your dog miss a meal but missing one is not a big deal.

However, if your Fido is consistently refusing to have a meal then you need to be vigilant because there are endless numbers of problems that can constrain your dog from having food.


Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t Eating

Unfamiliar Environment

If you notice that your dog is reluctant to have food just after returning home from a vacation, then unfamiliar environment is an issue. Dogs are way too familiar to your home and may also develop an unsettled appetite even if you reorganize their favorite corner at home.


Weather Change

Weather plays a major role in the diet and food habits of humans as well as animals. Therefore, if it is too hot out there, your dog might feel restless in an urge to cool down. The warm weather outside can switch off their hunger pangs therefore, your Fido won’t eat.


Sickness or Behavioral Issues

If your pooch is constantly reluctant to have food more than one day and also shows up other symptoms, this indicates sickness. Loss of appetite cannot solely be a serious reason but it is imperative to still have a checkup. Moreover, if your dog behaves to be over picky to eat, ensure to consult a vet.


Irregular Meals

Pets like regular food if given in a balanced way. If you have literally spoiled your dog by offering treats often then it can surely disturb their appetite. Therefore, if your furry pal is spoilt for a choice by treats and irregular meals, there are chances that he will be less fussed about eating than usual.


Addition of Different Food

Sometimes, you add in different foods in your Fido’s diet. Abruptly adding different food will be the reason if your dog doesn’t eat. This happens when your pup comes across unfamiliar flavors.

There are many dogs with smaller appetite and that’s perfectly fine unless they are underweight. If your dog’s decreased appetite is not due to illness but due to the behavioral issues or pickiness then these are the ways that can help you to encourage him to have his meals


Ways to Make Your Dog Eat

Make the Meal Interesting

Dogs do feel and catch up vibes. Hence, as a pet parent you need not feel anxious about them eating otherwise even they will feel the same. Make the meal time fun and exciting. You can play a game and praise your dog when he tries to eat that food.


Skip Treats

It is good to serve treats in the form of rewards to your dog but not in a way that disturbs their daily diet. It is a great idea to serve once in a while treats to your Fido because treats can be substantial serving for your dog. Therefore, cut off the regular treats and see if it stimulates his appetite.

Gradually Add Different Food

Dog’s react if they find anything unfamiliar. So when switching to a new food, introduce it gradually. Your dog is less likely to detect a change in their diet if you gradually introduce different food and it becomes easy to make the transition.


Divide the Meals

All the extra love and care for your dog shouldn’t be served just during his meals. It is okay to serve food in smaller portions rather than serving too much at each meal. Dishing him more can be a one of the reason that your pup is reluctant to have food.


Add In Some Exercise

Daily exercise keeps your pup away from other health issues such as overweight, lethargy and unsettled appetite. Regular exercise can stimulate their overall health and triggers multiple factors that may lead to your dog’s reluctance to eat. All you can do is, take your dog for 30 minutes running or walking before or after meal.

Last but the most important part is to perform a physical exam on your dog. If you find any worrisome symptoms then immediately rush to your veterinarian. Because it is always better to err on the side of caution.


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