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Footsack Repellent For Dogs and Cats-200ml

5/ 5
Reviews: 1
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Brand: Kyron
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Footsack Repellent Spray

Footsack is a repellent spray for dogs and cats that aids in training and modification of undesirable behaviours. When combined with behavioural training, Footsack spray assists in teaching your pets in amending unpleasant conducts such as sleeping on the couch or other furniture; defecating and/or urinating at random places in the house, stops them from going to restrained areas such as near dustbins, lawns and flower beds.

The offensive fragrance of Footsack keeps pets away from the places you want them to not have an access to for up to 12 hours. The odour of Footsack is extremely unpleasant to pets (not offensive to humans) that keep them away from those areas of your house you don't want them to access.

For best results, it is recommended to use Footsack repellent spray in concurrence with adequate behaviour training.

  • Spray the areas you don't want your pet to be around until the area is slightly moist. (furniture or carpets)
  • Spray to lawns, edges of flower beds, base of tree trunk, avoiding leaves, and other softer parts of the plant.
  • To prevent pets from roaming to urine or defecation areas, first remove the deposited objects, and then spray with Footsack.
  • For sensitive surfaces, spray on to a piece of cloth and keep it to the place you want to get 
  • To maintain the effects, repeat the process on a daily basis or as and when needed.
  • Repellent spray for both dogs and cats
  • Aids in training pets to prevent them from unpleasant behaviours
  • Offensive scent keeps pets away from no-go places
  • Harmless, safe, and easy-to-use liquid form
  • Stops pets from sleeping on the furniture, defecating or urinating at random places
  • Provides long lasting effects for up to12 hours
  • Can be used with behaviour modification training
  • Keep away from the reach of children and other pets
  • Use gloves while handling the product and wash hands after using
  • Don’t spray on tree leaves or other delicate parts of lawns and flower beds


  • Avoid using in case of sensitivity towards the composition
Administration Spray
Species Dogs and Cats
Product Type Behavioural Supplement
Manufacturer Kyron Labs
Brand Footsack
Product Reviews
Reviews: 1
5 Star 4 Star 3 Star 2 Star 1 Star
Footsack Repellent
Footsack Repellent

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Jun 13, 2023

Safe and easy-to-use spray. Doesn't have any side effects.

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