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Ways Pets Uplift Our Mood and Support Mental Well-being

  Nov 18, 2019

Ways Pets Uplift Our Mood and Support Mental Well-being

Pets are called stress busters for a reason. We are well acquainted with the exuberance and vibrancy that they bring to our lives but there are other hidden benefits that accompany with the adoption of pets. Pets are known to fulfill all the basic emotional needs of a human like – touch, affection, love, loyalty, companionship etc and hence having a pet is equal to having a human company. In fact, much more than that. A pet’s unconditional love is known to melt the toughest of hearts and thus they are also known to improve mental health of prisoners as well. Stroking, cuddling and caressing a pet is known to stimulate all the happy hormones like endorphins, serotonins and dopamines in human brain. Thus, pets are not only healthy for our physical wellness but also facilitate our emotional wellbeing as well. 

What Researchers have Found – 

    Humans that have pets are less likely to experience depression and anxiety

    Pet parents are usually found to experience less blood pressure issues compared to the ones that don’t have pets

    People that own pets are less likely to develop cholesterol

    Pet parents that are heart patients live longer than the ones that don’t have pets

    Pet parents are better in dealing stressful situations whereas ones without pets get stressed quite easily.

These studies have given enough reasons that pets are actually healthy for our emotional wellbeing. 

Let’s just list down all the good transformations that pets bring to our lives.

Ways Pets Uplift Our Life and Mood 

    They give companionship which is trustworthy. A pet’s company can ward off many illnesses that virtually every human beings experience, like - tension, worries, need of attention. They also distract our minds from the stress we face in our daily life.

    Having a pet also keeps us on our toes because we need to take them for walks and do their chores. Their energy kind of transfers into the human companion which keeps the environment lively and active. Hence, people who stay around pets are found to be naturally more active than usual. 

    Physical activity in turn provides health benefits like it supports heart health and brain health. Playing with pets also stimulates our brain in a positive way which ensures good mental power in humans.

    Pets, especially dogs, indirectly help pet owners to socialize more with people when they go out for walks with their furry buddy. It is also seen that dog owners, sharing a common interest, also gain knowledge about pet health and other related things when they converse and share their advice or concerns.

    Pets define our day and make us disciplined in several ways because pet owners need to feed their furry kids on time. From meals to playtime to walks, everything has a defied time slot and thus the person’s routine also revolves around their pets accordingly. Thus, eventually streamlining their entire day without much efforts. 

Since pet’s contribution in our well being is inimitable, it goes without saying that they deserve to be taken care of in the best way we can. It is our responsibility as pet parents that our furry kid stays healthy and happy and get the highest quality of care and treatment which is necessary for a healthy life not just because they are a healthy company to humans but the value they bring to our lives is unequivocally idealistic.

Ways Pets Uplift Our Mood and Support Mental Well-being

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Ways Pets Uplift Our Mood and Support Mental Well-being

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