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A Guide To Raising Farm Animals On World Farm Animals’ Day

  Sep 26, 2018

A Guide To Raising Farm Animals On World Farm Animals’ Day

It is pretty likely that you devour into that fresh salmon or chicken breast served onto your dinner table. But, do you know how brutally these animals are bred, crowded and slaughtered in the farms to make for your meal? Countless of cows, pigs, rabbits, goats, lambs, ducks, turkeys and chickens are mutilated in the same way every single day. And this act of sheer brutality has been happening from ages which eventually raised grave concern over the lives of innocent animals and flared a movement to stop the violence against animals in the farms. Started in 1983 by Mohandas Gandhi, on 2nd Oct, this annual protest is still held with the same discontent against animal husbandry primarily for consumption. According to the current statistics, almost 58 million animals are slaughtered every year across the world to provide meats, eggs, and other dairy products. To reduce this number by every year, World Farm Animals Day is observed to promote a safe and healthy life for the livestock. Animal activists from Australia, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, Nigeria, New Zealand, Israel, Kenya, India, Japan and all states of USA participate in this annual protest to stop this ongoing violence. Thousands of people organize campaigns and vegan lifestyle is promoted for animal rights and liberation. So, what can you contribute on this day? Well, charity begins at your farm. Proper health care and nonconsumption of animals on your farm is the best way you can support this cause.

Here are some guidelines as to how you can raise farm animals in a healthy way and give the life they truly deserve.

Make sure you have a proper shelter

Home is something where the resident should feel secured so it is important to ensure the farm you provide to your livestock is predator proof. Research thoroughly about the food you must provide to the animal you are sheltering. Will you be able to suffice its needs? Make sure there is enough room in the shelter to prevent crowding of animals in their home.

Raise One Animal At a Time

It is really important to learn the habits and requirements of the animals you will keep in the shelter. Be it chickens, pigs, goats, cows or ducks, you must have complete knowledge of your livestock.

Let the New Born and Its Mother to Spend Time

We as human parents are definitely excited about seeing a newborn and petting them. This exultance leads to unnecessary intervention between animal mother and her kid. So, if a baby is born, do not simply run to clean him off or pat her. Let the mother do that and spend time with the baby. If the mother seems reluctant, it is better for you to stay patient. For first time moms, it will definitely take more time to get into that motherly mode. You can watch them from a distance though.

Use Good Supplies for Their Grooming and Maintenance

Grooming helps in keeping the animal's disease free and must be done routinely. A thorough grooming session must focus on every nook and corner of the animal’s body. Make sure you check their ears and mouth regularly besides bathing and other stuff. Use quality supplies to make sure you provide the best care to your animals. Choose the products according to the requirements of the animal and maintain a good hygiene.

Treat Them Immediately

If you find even the most subtle signs of sickness in your farm animal, report it to your local vet and take professional advice immediately to deal with the problem. Administer prescribed treatments on time and use the preventatives for diseases related to your livestock. Moreover, pay close attention to each animal you own. Pet them regularly, talk to them and spend significant time with your pets.

Keep the New Born Babies Warm

Newborn babies need warmth to develop properly. So, in case of chickens have just hatched out of their eggshells place them in a warm corner or use a heater to provide sufficient heat. You can also go with dog jackets for covering other animal infants as well. Know when they eat and what they eat.

In short – whatever you do to keep them healthy, you must know full-fledged about their needs, how they must be taken care and what all necessary supplies and treatments you will be requiring to give them a healthy and liberal life. So, from this World Farm Animal’s Day make sure you make proper amendments in your farm’s usual schedule and raise healthy and happy pets, not for consumption but to help them live long.

A Guide To Raising Farm Animals On World Farm Animals’ Day

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A Guide To Raising Farm Animals On World Farm Animals’ Day

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