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Best Dewormer, Probiotics Supliment & Bacterial Infection Treatments for Birds

  Sep 03, 2021

Best Dewormer, Probiotics Supliment & Bacterial Infection Treatments for Birds

We're already halfway through the year 2021, and still, health remains our topmost priority. Be it for us humans, or our friendly pets, staying healthy and safe is important. Similarly, taking care of our winged friends is equally essential too. Thus, in this blog, we will be talking about the best bird supplies here in South Africa. They are trending in 2021, and bird parents can opt for these, if and when needed.

The Best Care Products In South Africa

Bird care products are in abundance and it can be difficult to make a choice as to which products to opt for. But worry not, because we’re here to select the best ones for you. So sit back, relax, and just read on. Thereafter, select the products that you need for your birds.

#1. Mediworm

As the name suggests, Mediworm is a top quality wormer treatment for caged and aviary birds. It is an oral treatment that helps in eliminating roundworms, hairworms, and tapeworms. Moreover, it also controls these worm infestations for one full month. This particular treatment comes in two forms; one is a powder form and the other is a tablet form. It can also be used on a regular basis for routine worm protection.

#2. MedPet 4 in 1

This product is a specially formulated treatment that helps in treating major infections in birds as well as racing pigeons. It is highly effective against major bird diseases including crop canker, e.coli, and coccidiosis. Moreover, it also helps with diarrhea in birds and pigeons. Besides, this treatment also comes in two forms; a tablet form and a powder form.

#3. Medizole Powder

Medizole is a fantastic powder form of treatment for birds. It helps in treating Trichomoniasis, Hexamitosis, and Giardia in pigeons and caged birds. This oral formula also helps in treating crop canker and prevents further infestations. Medizole is easy to use and safe for treating birds and pigeons.

#4. Trimethoprim Sulfa Powder

Trimethoprim Sulfa Powder is an excellent product that helps in treating bacterial infections in pigeons and birds. Common bacterial infections such as E.coli, Salmonella, and Coccidiosis are easily treated with the help of this product. The treatment is affordable and extremely easy to dose birds and racing pigeons.

#5. Entero Plus Powder

Entero Plus is a powerful and natural probiotic supplement for avian birds. It is a natural intestinal flora and immune stimulant that helps in increasing vitality and agility in birds. Moreover, the powder treatment also helps in boosting the immune system and gut health as well.

There are many more products for birds that pet parents can opt for. You can look through the many products on BudgetPetSupplies and purchase the ones you need for bird care. Moreover, you can get the above listed products at effective rates only on, so make sure to check the online pet care store! Stay safe, and keep your furry pals and winged friends safe too.


Best Dewormer, Probiotics Supliment & Bacterial Infection Treatments for Birds

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Best Dewormer, Probiotics Supliment & Bacterial Infection Treatments for Birds

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