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Your dog may have entered the club of senior dogs, and thus battling with the joint pain that comes with old age. Many pets may start experiencing joint pain in adulthood but show symptoms in their old age. Although pain in joints or arthritis is a common phenomena noticed in old pets. As this is a progressive disease and not curable, the only viable option left with a pet parent is to manage this pain and involve measures, which helps reduce your dog’s suffering.

At the same time, it is important to take note of senior dog’s behavior and formulate your plan accordingly.

How To Manage Your Pet’s Pain?

Weight Control

To ensure your senior dog less vulnerable to pain that comes with joint disorders, you must check his calorie intake. Feed him the correct diet and not let your dog to gain few extra pounds. Pets with obesity are more exposed to pain that comes with arthritis and joint pain.


Help your senior pet to do light exercises. Schedule time for morning walks and games which involves low intensity based physical movements. Activities such as jogging (slow) or playing hide and seek allow your pet to experience every part of his body. Thus, improves his physical anatomy.

However, do take care of your dog’s severity of joint pain. Devise exercises and activities accordingly and spare some time daily to make your dog perform light physical movements.

Gentle Massaging

This is important to reduce the stiffness and pain which your dog is experiencing out of joint disorders. Make this ritual a success by massaging your dog’s body slowly and gently.

In Times Of Winters

Winters can be the most challenging period for a senior dog. The pain gets aggravated in cold season thus adds undue misery to his aging life. As a dog parent, you need to adopt following measures to take care of your senior dog in winters

  • At all times he must wear warm clothes

  • His paws must be protected with rubber pads

  • Provide him a warm bedding and a place away from cold airs

  • Do not take your dog outdoors without any emergency. Help your dog do indoor exercises for physical movements.

  • Keep track of his behavior during winter season and if you notice any troubling signs contact a vet at the earliest.

  • Provide your dog the right food

  • Take care of his medicines and never allow your dog climb stairs on his own, especially if there is severe pain in joints.

Joint Care Supplements 

Heal your dog’s joint pain by adding joint supplements in his diet. Supplements that carry ingredients such as Chondroitin and Glucosamine are found to be of great help in reducing dog’s joint pain.

Some of the joint products, which contain Chondroitin and Glucosamine, are Joint Guard, Arthrimed Joint Health Powder, Arthrimed Joint Supplement Tablets and Mobiflex Joint Supplement. These joint care products have found popularity among pet parents for managing their senior pet’s joint pain.

Aging is a phase of life, which nobody can escape. Joint pain and other health issues are inevitable parts of old age. However, there is a term called healthy aging or happy aging. As a parent of your dog, you can help your furry pal experience healthy and happy aging by involving above discussed measures in your pet parenting rituals.

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