Do Tick and Flea Collars Work?



Did you ever Questioned on the Efficiency of Tick and Flea Collars?

Flea and tick collars were often considered as the last option to protect your pet due to its slow process and it's old style of emitting the toxics as gas to prevent. But, the advanced Collars are so much effective and better. We are sure after understanding about them you would recommend people switch over to Collars from Oral, Tropical and Spray methods of Prevention.

Coming to your doubt "Do tick and flea collars work?"

The simple answer is a Yes.

Do they work on Cats, Dogs, Puppies and Kittens?


There are three types of tick and flea collars to choose from: Gas Based, Absorption based and High-Frequency.

  • Gas Based: Seresto collars work on the mechanism of repulsion. They have gas based pesticides stored inside the collars which repel the fleas when they happen to come in near contact. These kinds of collars can also kill the fleas if they are close enough to collar.
  • Absorption Based: These collars are filled with insecticides inside the collars. Once you put the collar on your pet's neck it starts releasing it's contents into the skin of the pet which eventually gets absorbed making it safe for them but harmful for the fleas and ticks. These insecticides kill the fleas and ticks if they land on host's body.
  • High Frequency Based: If you want to be ahead of times and want your pet's skin to be chemical and gas free then High frequency collars are the best for your pet. These collars emit the high frequency ultra sonic waves that repel all kinds of fleas trying to host on your pet without any side effects.

Why are Collars better than other forms of treatments?

1. They are easy to put, and detach:

All you need to do is unpack from the box and wrap it around the neck of your pet, adjust it according to the diameter of its neck.

Do Tick and Flea Collars Work

2. Long lasting:

The highest of any other flea and tick preventions last for 4-5 months. But collars have the tendency to last for 8 months straight, which makes them the longest prevention to opt for.

Seresto Collars are one such long-lasting collar, with 5% of toxicity levels only. They neither affect humans nor the pets and one of the highly recommended collars by Veterinarians.

3. Non-sticky, Non-Greasy and Odor-less:

The best about collars are you don't have to worry about the greasy hands at the time of application and neither have to bear any pungent smell.

4. Water-Resistant:

You don't have you worry anymore about him getting wet in rains or to re-apply anything again after bath. Collars are enough to take responsibility of prevention 24X7 in all seasons.

Before you buy anything new you always wonder; if this product is effective for the purpose you are looking or it is a temporary replacement of the original? But, we guarantee that Flea and Tick collars are permanent and really effective.

Analyze closely on these things before you choose which collar to buy

  • Material: Remember it is going to be your pet's accessory for next 6-8 months. So, it should be of good quality, creating no allergies to your pet, and must be durable.
  • Size: There are various sizes available in collars for large dogs and small dogs choose the right one which is comfortable to your dog.
  • Ingredients: Different brands of collars have different ingredients to protect your pet. We recommend you to look at their ingredients list and get if approved with your pet so that your dog does not face issues of allergies or anything in particular.

With Collar your pet is ready for protection against tick and flea.


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