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Can You Tell If Your Pet Is Jealous?

  Aug 28, 2019

Can You Tell If Your Pet Is Jealous?

Jealousy is an interesting emotion in humans as well as animals. Everyone is well-familiar with jealousy in humans but have you ever wondered if pets get jealous? Well, our furry friends are no different when it comes to seeking attention. There have been so many hilarious incidents where a cat or dog will get jealous whenever their owner pays more attention to someone else.

It’s really adorable when our pets get jealous as it shows how much they adore us. If you haven’t noticed this kind of behavior in your furry pal, next time whenever you go near another animal, observe your pet. The jealousy on that adorable face will be clear as crystal. Because of their excellent olfactory receptors, pets can also sense if you’ve seen another cat. So, next time you spend time with your friend’s pet, remember that your furry buddy will definitely get a sniff of it!

Dogs and cats are very possessive for their hoomans and they want all the eyes on them! Cats might act aloof but on the inside, they do feel jealousy. Read on to find out that sets off your kitty and why she might be jealous!

Bringing a New Pet Home

People with siblings will certainly understand this. Kids always find something to fight about and pets are no different. Everyone loves to pamper their fur balls but when they bring a new furry member into the house, the attention gets diverted to the new pet. Thus, your pet is bound to get jealous and clingy as it’s not getting the attention it usually does. Moreover, now it has to share everything with the new pet so it certainly takes time for it to get along with the new addition to the family.

Your Furry Pal Is Codependent on You

In many households, pets are so dependent on their humans that they can’t accept a slightest change in their schedule. Moreover, they’ll get aggressive if you’re not paying enough attention to them. This reflects how similar cats and dogs are to babies when it comes to giving them time. It’s certainly adorable when your pet looks at you with those puppy eyes; even a person with a cold heart will melt seeing that face. If you’ve only had a one pet and then you bring a new one, ensure that you give them both enough attention. Otherwise, your older furry pal is bound to get jealous.

Working the Charm

We just discussed about those puppy eyes, so let’s see the reason behind it. Some experts believe that the puppy eyes your furry pal does is a way to manipulate you into doing the things they want. Your buddy wants a treat? Puppy eyes. Wanna go for a walk? Puppy eyes and that small noise it makes to melt your heart. So, there’s a pattern behind it. Dogs are very smart and know that doing these things will work on their humans, so if they don’t like something you’re doing, they’ll try to stop you by being all adorable.

It’s Their Way or Highway….

If you’ve got a jealous pet, you’re in trouble unless you know how to train them. Pets can be very demanding if they are spoiled from childhood. Moreover, there have been many incidents where pets have thrown tantrums just because they didn’t get what they want (talk about being high maintenance!). Thus, to avoid such situations, ensure that you don’t fulfill every one of their wishes and let them know who’s in control.

Give Them Attention and They’ll Be Fine!

Well, you must have realized that your pet needs undivided attention all the time. Practically, it’s not always possible to be with your furry pal even though you want to. So, from the day you bring your furry baby home, ensure that you’re not spoiling them too much. Moreover, whenever you do pay attention to someone else, keep your pet close so they don’t feel threatened by that stranger.

Although pets require constant care, they are the most loyal creatures. Jealousy is not unusual; we get jealous over so many little and petty things. Your furry buddy, on the other hand, is only asking for some quality time with their favorite person! Jealousy if cute but it can leave a negative effect on your pet’s mind if you encourage that behavior. So, even if you have a tight schedule, take out some time for your furry buddy.

Can You Tell If Your Pet Is Jealous?

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Can You Tell If Your Pet Is Jealous?

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