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Dog Grooming in Winter

  Jul 27, 2022

Dog Grooming in Winter

Most pet parents think that dog grooming is only essential in the summer. They often believe so because fur provides warmth and so it might be inappropriate to groom it in the colder weather.

In reality, dog grooming in winter is even more important for the health of your dog than at any other time of the year as dirty, wet, and matted hair is susceptible to skin infections

Here are some simple grooming tips to keep your dog healthy this winter:

Trim the Hair between the Toes

In winter, mud, moisture, or debris may get stuck in the hair between your dog’s toes. And, it is quite difficult to clean these areas. This may lead to infections and constant licking of the paws. Trimming the hair on the feet makes it easier to clean the toes and keep your dog infection-free.

Bathe & Brush Regularly

A dog's coat acts as a temperature regulator, and hence, its basic maintenance must receive special attention. Often, long-haired dog breeds require more frequent grooming to keep them tangle-free, whereas short-haired dogs may be fine with gentle brushing once or twice a week.

Moisturize Often

Dry skin is common in the winter. Make sure your dog stays hydrated by giving them enough water to help keep their skin smooth. If you notice that the air in your home is dry, add moisture by running a humidifier.

Take Care of the Paws

As paws are the body parts that come into direct contact with the floor, it is essential to protect them. Consider getting your dog booties or winter doggie shoes. You can also rub some paw balm on their paws to keep them safe from the chilly floor.

Trim Nails Regularly

The colder temperatures may lead to brittle nails that break up easily. This may cause bleeding or put your dog in pain. Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed with proper trimming tools may save your pooch from this discomfort in winter.

Final Thoughts

Always remember, dog grooming is not just a summer thing. Our dogs need to be groomed throughout the year. Therefore, basic grooming routines like bathing, grooming, brushing, moisturization, etc should be your priority in winter too to keep your dog healthy and disease-free.

Dog Grooming in Winter

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Dog Grooming in Winter

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