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Do’s And Don’ts For Pet Parents

  Jun 21, 2021

Do’s And Don’ts For Pet Parents

Every pet parent sometimes wonders why, despite their best efforts, their attempts for petting a pet falls short of expectations. No matter what you try. But knowing what these furry species like and dislike while getting petted can mean a big difference in the process. Fortunately, there are some proven approaches you can take into account to make your pet feel affectionate rather than being annoying.

This goes for all, whether you have a senior companion or young paw-tner. So to make it easier for you, here we have put together some dos and don'ts below for every pet lover to make petting more enjoyable for them as well as for their lovely furry four-footed buddies

What You Should DO

  • Provide your pet with your best possible affection and praise.
  • Spend quality time with your pet on dedicating attention every day.
  • Firmly establish behavior by setting some boundaries if required.
  • Try to raise your pet's confidence, sense of security and happiness.
  • Make an appropriate, playful and safe environment for your pet.
  • Make sure your pet is getting a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet.
  • Try to find out their favorite food or treat by offering varied diets.
  • Be perceptive to your pet's physical and emotional needs.
  • Take your pet immediately to the veterinarian when you notice anything bizarre.
  • Perform some extra activity to avoid your pet's boredom. (You can watch some pet movies, offer few homemade treats, capture videos or click pictures and more what your pet can enjoy)
  • Let your pet be the type of species they are.
  • When practical, involve your pet in your everyday life.
  • Stay updated with the pet-care and risk of infection.
  • Try to gather more information from reliable sources about the type of pet you have.

What Should You DON'T

  • Hit or beat your pet in any situation, though a relatively mild swat to train or get the attention of your pet advised by the expert animal behaviorist is different than a strike meant to hurt. You know what it means, right?
  • Try anything that could put your pet's trust and love for you in danger (such as forced training, ignoring, or things your pet don't like)
  • Become emotionless about your pet or take them for granted.
  • Bathe your pet too often.
  • Disturb them when your pet is taking a rest or asleep.
  • Express your stressful emotion and anger on your pet.
  • Expect your pet to live up your all expectations; they are animals, not a human.
  • Let your pet be alone in a locked car or unknown closed room or place.
  • Leave food out all day and overfeed your pet.
  • Be very stern for your pet's little mischief and playful nature.
  • Take or leave your pet in unfamiliar situations.

We hope this information helps you make the strongest loving bond between you and your pet. Last but not the least, DO take very good care of yourself; you are the most wonderful and only treasure your pet has in this world!

Do’s And Don’ts For Pet Parents

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Do’s And Don’ts For Pet Parents

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