Gossips About Bunnies on this International Rabbit Day!



Hop, hop, hop... International Rabbit Day is here! Time for some celebration with our furry long-eared, funny tailed companion who loves to hog on anything and everything he gets on his way. We are pretty sure there would be no one in the country who isn’t fond of this cute, little, restless and gnawing munchkin. Aren’t you too? Every International Rabbit Day fills us up with the exuberance of treating our bunnies in a special way. This remarkable occasion gives us chance to know our rabbits better than before. So, here are some fun facts you must know to elaborate your knowledge about this ever-so-gullible Easter mascot.

15 Interesting Facts About Rabbits 

  1. All the meat eaters out there – do not try to give that leftover chicken or pork out of your plate to your bunny. They are vegetarians (herbivore) so rather go for dandelion, plantain, Coltsfoot or Nettle. These foods are good for your rabbit’s health and certainly easy on his digestive system.
  2.  Rabbits love to live in groups.
  3. A male rabbit is called a buck and the female is known as a doe. Young rabbits are pronounced as a kitten (singular – kit).
  4. Rabbits are blind by birth.
  5. Hares and rabbits do not belong to the same species.
  6. Most common disease of rabbits is coccidiosis.
  7. Can you figure out why rabbits chew so much? You probably might be thinking – because they have a huge appetite. Well, they do not. They distribute their meals into several small meals and keep on munching every now and then. But, the main reason they chew so much is – Chewing helps their teeth from growing incessantly. Yes, a rabbit’s teeth grow continuously. They never stop increasing in size which is why rabbits need to chew a lot to keep their ever-growing grinders in control.
  8. Rabbits are very clean just like cats. They groom themselves 5 times in a day.
  9. Do you know – rabbits purr and jump when they are happy?
  10.  Rabbit ears are big for a reason. They serve as sound detectors which help rabbits to listen from two directions simultaneously.
  11.  Rabbits are highly sensitive to changes in humidity levels of the environment. High humidity can cause prostration in rabbits whereas extremely low humidity results in respiratory and digestive issues in bunnies.
  12. Rabbits are most active in the early mornings and early evenings.
  13.  Female rabbits must be spayed so they can live longer without developing reproductive cancer.
  14.    North America has the highest population of rabbits in the world. In fact, more than half of the total population lives in this part of the world.
  15.  Rabbits are intelligent creatures.

Despite being such intriguing mammals, rabbits are caged and harmed for the selfish motives of humans. They are kept in captivity for trials of many drugs and cosmetic products which is against the animal rights. It is sad, but it is the truth. On this International Day, nothing would be better than respecting the lives of these beautiful creatures and to let them live freely in the grounds where they belong truly. Be the first one to take this initiative and help a captivated rabbit live a life he deserves!


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