How To Eliminate Flea And Tick Infestation From Your Pet?



Fleas and ticks find their way into our house through our pets and then they blow up their population. It is thus extremely important to get rid of these parasites as soon as possible. So, if you don’t already know how to make your pet flea and tick free, here are some ways you can do that. 

Getting Rid Of Fleas From Pet

    Fleas can hide themselves underneath the fur in the neck, groin and tail regions mostly. Check in these areas by parting fur and in case you find fleas, remove it by comb. 

    When a dog has fleas, he also has flea dirt. Though fleas may fly away easily and may not let you get hold of them, your dog will certainly have flea dirt which can be removed by flea comb. You can also use petroleum jelly on your comb and one the fleas or flea dirt sticks to it, wash the comb with soap water.

    Use flea treatments that kill existing fleas and further provide complete protection from these parasites for whole month. Make sure you use the treatment year round because it is necessary to protect your pet in every season. Even though fleas are not that active in winters, the eggs and larvae that they shed in the surroundings can definitely infest your pet again. Frontline Plus, Bravecto and Revolution are some of the best flea treatments that can help you get rid of these critters easily. 

    You can also use flea spray to protect your house and the pet. You can either make one at home using natural products or buy a one already available in the store. 

Getting Rid Of Ticks From Pet

    Ticks don’t fly but they crawl. Thus, they are easy to spot. They can be present in all the warm and places of the pet’s body. At times you can see them latched onto the neck or hind regions, however, to spot beneath the fur, you must run your hand over the coat slowly. If you find any bumps, swollen spots on the pet’s body, it is because tick has latched itself to the underlying skin and bitten the area. Tick bites can result in to those swelled up spots. Once you have detected the tick, you would be needing tweezers.

    Gently use a tweezer to detach the tick from the skin and pull it off upwards without breaking its head. Also, you must not squeeze the tick, else, the head will remain inside the pet’s skin and the tick will vomit. Tick vomit may contain bacteria and can lead to infections like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, etc thus it is necessary to ensure that the head of the tick remains intact with the body while pulling the tick off. 

    Once the tick is pulled off, you must rub the area with alcohol. Flush the tick into the toilet so it doesn’t crawl back in the house and latch onto your pet again.

    Use tick preventatives that will eliminate recurring infestations in your dog. 

Things To Take Care Of To Prevent Infestation

    Keep the house as clean as possible. Vacuum weekly so that all the eggs and larvae or hidden parasites are suckled up and thrown into the trash bin. 

    It is also extremely necessary to keep your pet clean. Dirty pets attract more parasites thus regular bathing sessions must be incorporated weekly. 

     Avoid taking your pet to areas that are prone to flea and tick infestations. For instance, dog parks, woods, all the bushy and damp places.

    Keep the yard trimmed because too much greenery and big leaf plants as well as the dampness of mud attract rodents that carry parasites. Their frequent visits to your yard can lead to the infestation in your pet. 

    Whenever you take your pet out for walks or picnics, make sure he wears flea and tick collar so he can enjoy outdoors without you having to worry about picking up the parasites.

Fleas and ticks can deteriorate the quality of your pet’s life and also hamper your mental peace. Thus, it is better to take prevention beforehand and follow the effective ways to keep your pet parasite free, indirectly protecting your house as well.

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