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Fleas and Ticks are the most annoying issue for any pet-owner across the globe, and there are countless questions and confusions people have about it. But what perplexities do pet-owners in Johannesburg and Cape Town face?

Well, we have made a list of FAQ’s that have been asked to us over time! And here they are with all their answers:

#1 Are pets of Johannesburg and Cape Town more prone to catching fleas?

Fleas are likely to propagate in environments where the temperature is more than 100°C and relative humidity is greater than 50%. The latter condition persists throughout the year in South Africa. Also, the winters here are not severe enough to stop the flea lifecycle. Therefore if not given proper treatment, Johannesburg and Cape Town’s pets are more likely to catch fleas.

#2 In which seasons are Fleas and Ticks infections more likely to occur?

New fleas emerge from their pupae only when the pupae get favorable environmental conditions. If it doesn’t get favorable environmental conditions, it stays protected inside the pupae till the conditions are favorable. It gets such optimal conditions in spring and summer so during these seasons the infections are more likely to occur.

#3 Do fleas and ticks occur only in summer?

Although the optimal conditions that fleas require are likely in summer, these parasites can survive in winters too. It’s better to protect your pets from these freeloaders year-round.

#4 What are the other threats that flea infestations pose?

Flea infestations can lead to other diseases in pets such as tapeworms, flea allergy dermatitis, anemia, etc. Apart from this, they can also pose a serious threat to humans. Read Surprising Flea Diseases You Need to Be Aware of for more information on this.

#5 Are there more than one type of fleas and ticks in Johannesburg and Cape Town? If yes, do they need different treatments?

Yes. Dog fleas and cat fleas are very common types of fleas for our pets; whereas there are at least 12 different types of ticks in South Africa. However, thankfully, they don’t need different treatments. One kind of treatment can give protection against all the types of fleas and ticks.

#6 From where do fleas and ticks come on pets?

While most of the flea population survives in the surrounding areas that are warm and shady, small percentage of the flea population is also found on animals. Hence, your pet buddies are most likely to get infected from the surroundings or by coming in contact with other pets. But these nasty little parasites can come home by getting onto your clothes too!

#7 How can I reduce flea/tick population in my house or surrounding?

If fleas and ticks have already invaded your house, you should regularly vacuum the place thoroughly. Also, make sure to dispose of the vacuum bag properly. Keeping your lawns and vicinity clean can also help a lot to lower the population of fleas and ticks.

#8 My pet got infested with fleas and ticks. I am worried what should I do now?

If your ball of fur has been suspected of fleas or ticks, now is the time to take action. Don’t panic; there are a number of treatments available in the market these days, most of which can completely kill these bloodsuckers within a short period of 24 hours. Select a good product based on your requirements, and ask your vet’s opinion on the same. You’ll get rid of fleas and ticks within no time once you start the treatments.

You can also check out our store Budget Pet Supplies for top-notch flea and tick treatments that we offer at discounted prices round the year.

#9 I don’t want to risk my 2 years old Rottweiler (who means the world to us) with any kind of parasitic infestations. Can you suggest me the best all-in-one type preventive treatment available in the market?

We always believe in the saying- “Prevention is better than cure”, and we always encourage pet owners to take all the possible measures to avoid infestations. We would suggest you to check our broad spectrum top-selling products like Nexgard Spectra, Advocate, Revolution, Simparica Trio, etc. which offer protection against multiple parasites like fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, etc.

However, as we always say, don’t forget to take your veterinarian’s opinion before giving any kind of treatment to your lovely pets.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send them to us at support@budgetpetsupplies.co.za. Team Budget Pet Supplies would be more than happy to answer them all!




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