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Uncovering the Truth: South Africa Pet Ownership Statistics & Related Aspects

  Nov 20, 2023

Uncovering the Truth: South Africa Pet Ownership Statistics & Related Aspects

While the pet care in South Africa has always been a well-developed industry, the country has witnessed a remarkable surge in pet ownership in the recent past. The trend of keeping a furry, feathered, or scaly companion has been on the rise, leading to a significant increase in the pet population across the country. In this blog, we have brought together some of the most fascinating statistical facts related to pet ownership in South Africa. Read on to learn about interesting aspects of the most popular pets, the benefits of having them, the subsequent challenges, and the importance of pet adoption and rescue organizations.

Growing Trend of Pet Ownership in South Africa:

According to recent data from several sources including a study published in the South African Journal of Science, the number of households with pets in South Africa has been steadily climbing. Especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, South Africans of all age groups have been prompted to seek companionship and emotional support in the form of pets, which has resulted in a further boom in the pet care market. Given below are some of the eye-opening statistical data with reference to pet ownership in South Africa:

Key Pet Ownership Statistics in South Africa


The Most Popular Pets in South Africa: Cats vs. Dogs vs. Others:

While pet parents in South Africa tend to have diverse preferences in terms of adopting a pet, some of the most popular pets include traditional dogs and cats. Loyal and affectionate by nature, these furballs have a special place in the hearts of many South Africans.

With a population of over a whopping 7.4 million canine companions, dogs hold the first place according to dog ownership statistics in South Africa. Cats feature as the second most popular pet with approximately 2.0 million as their pet population.

However, the list doesn’t end there. The allure of exotic pets has been growing in recent years. Thanks to the diverse landscape, people in South Africa have developed a liking for a diverse set of exotic animals and birds including various reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals. While these exotic pets in South Africa offer a unique and fascinating ownership experience, it’s a must to consider the proper care and knowledge with respect to their specific requirements.

The Benefits of Owning a Pet: Health and Emotional Well-being:

Beyond companionship, there are several other emotional and physical benefits of owning a pet. According to the research published in the African Journal of Science, the effect of pet ownership is quite positive on human well-being.

  • Pets are known to offer unconditional love and companionship to their pet parents, thus reducing the feeling of loneliness and anxiety. A study concluded that nearly 21% of cat owners involved in the study were at a decreased risk of anxiety.
  • Physical activity is just one of the several health benefits of owning a pet. It is noticed that more approximately 57% of the dog owners reported
  • Interacting with pets has been linked to lower stress levels and improved mental health. Emotional support from pets is a significant reason behind the increase in number of pet adoptions during COVID-19.
  • Taking care of a pet also provides a sense of responsibility and purpose

Challenges and Responsibilities of Pet Ownership in South Africa:

There is no doubt that being a parent to a pet comes with n number of advantages. However, we cannot unsee the challenges and responsibilities that come with it either. Tending to a pet involves financial commitments, time, and care. Being a pet parent can be expensive, as these are just like having a human child. You will have to take care of their food, vaccinations, medication, vet visits, grooming, etc.

Apart from the financial aspect, the nutrition and health of these beings is one of the major points that you will have to take care of. You must ensure that your pet gets proper nutrition, regular exercise, required medication, regular vaccinations, etc. Adhering to the local laws and regulations regarding pet ownership is yet another thing you have to keep in mind as a responsible pet owner.



Pet Adoption and Rescue Organizations: Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership:

Amidst the growing pet ownership trend, it's essential to promote responsible ownership. One way to do this is by supporting pet adoption and rescue organizations. These organizations play a crucial role in finding loving homes for pets in need. Adopting a pet instead of buying one from a breeder or pet store can make a significant difference.

Thankfully, with growing awareness amongst pet parents and potential pet parents, the rate of pet adoption in South Africa has significantly increased, saving thousands of animals from homelessness. Adopting a pet not only saves a life but also helps combat the problem of overpopulation. It encourages responsible pet ownership and creates a loving environment for animals that might have otherwise been abandoned or euthanized.


With growing awareness, and keenness about pets, the trend of adopting a pet is increasing in South Africa. While extra security measure is one of the reasons behind this, the heartwarming trend also reflects the deep connection between humans and animals.

While on the one hand, the pandemic saw several owners having to let go of their pets due to financial crunch, on the other hand, there were also instances of the increased number of people resorting to these adorable beings as their source of companionship amongst the lonely and distressing times.

Uncovering the Truth: South Africa Pet Ownership Statistics & Related Aspects

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Uncovering the Truth: South Africa Pet Ownership Statistics & Related Aspects

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