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How to Buy a Flea and Tick Treatment in Tight Budget

  Oct 07, 2019

How to Buy a Flea and Tick Treatment in Tight Budget

Buying a flea and tick treatment is a task for many pet parents and majorly for those who are having trouble managing the monthly budget. But just because they have a tighter budget it doesn’t mean that they can’t buy the best flea and tick treatments in the market.

In fact, BudgetPetSupplies will help you to buy the best treatment in a shoestring budget. Just keep on reading-

So, to buy the best and economical flea and tick treatment, there are certain criteria that need to be kept in mind.

1. Efficacy Of The Tick And Flea Treatment

We considered 4 types of flea and tick treatments for dogs: spot-ons, oral treatments, collars and shampoos/sprays. Here is a brief review on how each product acts and its efficacy level. 

  • Spot-ons are concentrated liquid formulas that you apply on the back of a dog’s neck. Within 24 hours, the medication dissipates into the dog’s natural skin oils, killing fleas and preventing new generations from developing for up to a month. Frontline Plus is a very good example of highly effective flea and tick treatment.


  • Oral treatments use insecticides that transfer into a dog’s bloodstream in less than an hour. When fleas bite, they’re exposed to the insecticide and die. Oral products are fast-acting than spot-ons and wipe out the bugs in as little as one hour. Some products like Bravecto start working within 2 hours of administration and is effective for 12 long weeks.


  • Collars are very effective and long lasting, like Seresto flea and tick collar can last for 8 months against flea and ticks. Most of the collars also repel ticks and fleas along with treating them, which is an advantage over spot-ons and oral treatments.


  • Sprays & Shampoos are also very efficacious, but they are not as effective as the above two types of treatments. However, sprays and shampoos can be used as additional assistance for the spot-ons or oral treatments, in case of heavy infestations


2. Ease Of Usage 

The treatment, whichever you select, should be easy to apply or administer. There should not be too many complicated steps.

And in this case, oral chews seal the spot of easy to administer tick and flea treatments. You just have to directly put them in the mouth like a chew and because they are highly palatable, your pooch will easily accept them.

3. Safety

Effective flea treatments must use some form of pesticide; that’s how they’re able to wipe out the bugs. While all pesticides used in flea treatment are approved by the government, some can still cause serious side effects in humans and animals, if they’re handled incorrectly.

When it comes to the health and safety of pets, it is important to read the product label carefully and do as it says. Make sure you contact your vet when needed. 

Some of the safest products in the market are Frontline Plus, Nexgard, Advocate, Advantix, and Comfortis.

4. Cost Analysis

The most important aspect of buying the best product in a limited budget is cost analysis. It might take some time, but you can compare the price range of the same treatment in different places, both online and offline. There are websites who don’t only aim to make a profit but also aim at providing a happy and healthy life to pets. Online pet health care companies with the above-mentioned vision and aim, provide the best pet health care supplies at affordable rates with the lowest possible profit margin.

BudgetPetSupplies is one of those Pet health care supply companies that provide world-renowned health care products at nominal rates.You can check and do a cost analysis, and once satisfied; you can come back and buy from us.

Lastly, the best-recommended treatments that you can buy without any hesitation are Nexgard, Bravecto, Frontline Plus, Advocate, and Comfortis. All of the treatments stated above can be bought at pocket-friendly rates from BudgetPetSupplies.

How to Buy a Flea and Tick Treatment in Tight Budget

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How to Buy a Flea and Tick Treatment in Tight Budget

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