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Top Five Emergencies to AVOID This Summer Season

  Feb 13, 2019

Top Five Emergencies to AVOID This Summer Season

Summer season is all here well adorned festivities cherished with festoons, cakes, fireworks, parties and lot more. But at this time of the year when we are fully engrossed in arranging those barbeque dinners or making plans for get-together, it all goes off your mind to pay special attention to your furry pal.

The number of pets visiting vet offices drastically increases during the summer season or just when the festival is coming to its closing ceremony because of little negligence. But how many of you know what things you need to take care of in order to avoid those stressful waiting at the vet offices rather than enjoying the shades of summers.

So not keeping you waiting, let us explore each shade of special attention to ward off the emergency.

No Bones... Just Say “NO”

Giving away those small bones to the fur kids you may be thinking you are doing a great favour to your companion.

There have been more than 80 records of cases of obstruction in oesophagus in dogs due to small bones is much higher. Therefore, always say “No” to your cute dog without getting tracked into those innocent eyes.  

Novelty Treats

It’s always tempting to share those savoury sweet tit bits with the fur kid. But do you really know how much negative effect it has on your furry pal’s health.

These sweets are exclusively loaded with Xylitol which is extremely dangerous for your dog.  Though treats may seem appealing to feed your dog but remember not to fall for the temptation.

Rather stock chewy stuff for pets as these is healthy as well as tasty to satiate your pet’s taste buds.

Wait For A Toast For Your Pet – Never Do That

Festive season and drinks go hand in hand, and definitely you don’t want to go dry during the season keeping your drinks in hand.

However, be very thoughtful with your drink when you are around your furry pal, because it can be harmful for your pet and definitely it’s quite tempting for them to take a sip out of that unattended glass. So, let the alertness guard the temptation by keeping those glasses at bay.        


Accidents are more common during the summer festivals next to choking incidents.

With lot of gatherings at home and guests coming in and out, it may be a way hard to keep an eye on your furry kid. And, the open door will give a welcome signal for your fur kid to just barge out and ‘Xplore’ the roads for adventures. Unfortunately, his adventure can cost you a lot ending up the holiday at the vet emergency office.

To avoid all such insane drama, it’s way better to either keep her on lease or just give somebody a charge to keep a track on your fur ball.

Safety Around The Water

Summers always mean water games or a water picnic. The cases of drowning increases especially during this season as most people are visiting beaches. Many may be unaware of the fact that puppies, blind and geriatric dogs are at the high risk of drowning. So, it would be safer to have a life jacket for your furry friend when you are on a beach.

Summer festivities can turn bitter if you aren’t watching your dog near the pool. Statistics have shown that vet offices are flooded with more drowning cases when compared to that of children. So, be well aware of that water pool.

With all those checks under control, most importantly the summer is the time to spend quality time with your pooch. Show love to your pooch and let him/her love you back with quadruple. The summer holidays won’t be that fun-filled without your fur family. So, make it an exciting fur holiday for everyone to enjoy and cherish.

Top Five Emergencies to AVOID This Summer Season

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Top Five Emergencies to AVOID This Summer Season

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