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Top 6 Dental Products to Stock This Pet Dental Health Month

  Feb 19, 2020

Top 6 Dental Products to Stock This Pet Dental Health Month

Giving importance to pet food and grooming, usually pet owners overlook the significance of dental care. And therefore, in lieu of this February is recognized as National Pet Dental Health Month to address the most predominant health issue – dental care in pets. Pet Dental month helps to spread awareness about the dental care and how it can be easily taken care of in order to prevent various periodontal diseases. 

Reports say that in lack of proper dental care, usually pets fall prey to numerous diseases leading to fatal consequences. Therefore, providing a proper dental care is crucial. A catalogue of brand dental products helps you maintain your pet’s dental health. However, with numerous dental products available, it might be cumbersome to find and select the right one for your furry pal. 

So, de-cluttering the huge lot, we have brought you the important pet dental care products that you need to stock to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy. 

Pet Dent Oral Gel –Oral Care Partner!

Pets usually face dental diseases and bad breath, and this antiseptic is a perfect choice to keep their oral health at optimal. This  malt-flavoured mouth gel restricts the growth of bacteria and controls gum diseases. Just one rinse a day can help you to keep your pet’s mouth clean and teeth shiny. 

Pet Dent Fresh Breath Oral Rinse – Making Every Breath Fresh!

If your pet has terrible bad breath, then it’s a perfect pick that helps to overcome that smelly breath. Along with leaving mouth fresh, the oral rinse promotes oral health. This highly palatable oral rinse helps prevent tooth decay when used regularly. When brushing is not possible,  Pet Dent Fresh Breath Oral Rinse comes as a saviour. Designed and developed with unique formulation, the active ingredients of this rinse stay in contact with mouth and teeth surfaces for a prolonged period, and thus effectively help in slowing down the formation of plaque and prevent tooth decay. By destroying harmful bacteria, this oral rinse controls gum diseases. Daily use of Oral Rinse definitely keeps your pooch’s mouth fresh. 

Pet Dent Toothbrush – Pet Brushing Made Easier!

Usually, pet parents come up with a question – is it necessary to brush our dog’s teeth. YES! As crucial it is for humans, the same lies for your furry pals. No matter how good your pet’s teeth may seem to look, there are those tiny food particles sticking to their teeth that can lead to decay and periodontal diseases in lack of proper cleaning. Therefore, brushing is vital for your furry friend. And Pet Dent Toothbrush is an excellent pick that helps you brush your pet’s teeth easily. It is not only convenient to handle but also reaches most parts of the mouth making cleaning teeth easier. Furthermore,  Pet Dent toothbrush is a unique ‘double-ended’ toothbrush with its special long handle. This two-sided brush is the best option as it reaches the far back, the molars which are too tough to clean with normal toothbrush. Made with high quality material and soft bristles, Pet Dent Toothbrush is gentle on gums and safe for your furry friends. 

Pet Dent Toothpaste – Excellent Dental Cleaning!

Without toothpaste, cleaning your pet’s teeth is not possible. Quality toothpaste helps in effective cleaning of dog/cat’s teeth. Specially formulated for four-legged companions,  Pet Dent brand Toothpaste is malt-flavoured and enriched with excellent cleaning agents. This toothpaste helps in the prevention of gum diseases. This highly palatable paste is readily accepted by pets so there comes no fuss during the brushing of your pet’s teeth. 

Pet Dent Fingerbrush – Fancier & Gentler! 

Brushing your small furry pals was never made easier as with this finger brush from Pet Dent. This  handy fingerbrush easily fits on your finger for hassle-free brushing. Usually, when you are looking to initiate a brushing regime for your furry pal, it becomes little tricky all of a sudden to start with a toothbrush. However, with fingerbrush, the task is made easier as you can easily slide it into your pet’s mouth during the initial periods of the brushing regime.  

Oravet Oral Rinse – Better Oral Hygiene!

Brushing and cleaning teeth remains incomplete without oral rinse. And,  Oravet Oral Rinse provides a perfect choice. Oravet is a special medicated oral rinse that helps in treating severe gum infection in dogs. It reduces inflammation and helps in healing oral cavity after surgery. When used daily, it helps in the prevention of plaque and tartar accumulation as well as controls dental diseases. 

Lack of dental care in dogs and cats usually leads to various oral diseases. It is crucial to cultivate proper oral regime in order to avoid numerous periodontal diseases.

Awareness helps not only to deal with the problem but also aids in the prevention measures. And Pet Dental Health Month is the best way to spread awareness among pet parents for taking care of their pet’s dental health. A proper dental routine followed by a half-yearly or yearly dental check up can go a mile in preventing oral problems in dogs/cats. 

This Pet Dental Health Month don’t forget to shop the most effective pet dental health products at amazing discounts. 

Top 6 Dental Products to Stock This Pet Dental Health Month

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Top 6 Dental Products to Stock This Pet Dental Health Month

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