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Celebrating World Animal Day The Right Way

  Sep 30, 2019

Celebrating World Animal Day The Right Way

Animals are an integral part of our lives, and taking care of them is what we should be doing more of. The beautiful continent of Africa is filled with all kinds of beautiful animals, big or small. Be it domestic (pet) animals or the wild ones, they all should be loved. They all deserve our love and affection, and we as humans should give them that wholeheartedly. And speaking of animals, World Animal Day is upon us. It’s the perfect way to spread your love for animals far and wide. Let’s dig deep and see why World Animal Day is celebrated, and we’ll round it up by suggesting you a few ways in which you can celebrate this special day. So let us begin!

Why is World Animal Day Celebrated?

Every year since decades, World Animal Day has been observed and celebrated on the 4th of October. South Africa too celebrates World Animal Day on that day as well. This special day for animals was created in the hope of spreading awareness, love and preserving the animal kingdom. It is a day where all animal lovers encourage people, students, young kids, organisations, etc to shower their kindness and love towards animals around them. It is essential to celebrate this special occasion because a famous individual once said -

“Animals are a very important part of this earth and our life depends on them, theirs on us. It is a cycle that should not be changed by a human being.”

And rightly said so! The cycle should forever continue. It is in our hands, and we humans should never allow it to cease.

Ways to Celebrate World Animal Day

4th October is World Animal Day, and here’s how pet parents and other human beings can celebrate this special day the right way.

Raise Awareness Among People

Though World Animal Day is been celebrated since the mid-1920s, there are a vast number of the population that don’t even know about this day. Thus, as animal lovers and a person willing to make a difference in the world, you can celebrate World Animal Day by raising awareness among the public. There are many ways you can do this. Organizing a local animal event is something which you can think of doing. But if you want to go bigger, then raising animal awareness via social media can be thought of. Social media has the power to reach millions of people from just one corner of the Earth. With just a couple of posts and a few hashtags, you can reach a huge audience and raise awareness.

Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power, and we humans should always be on the lookout for more knowledge because more, the better. Educate yourself about animals by reading books, watching documentaries, or reading a couple of articles and research work here and there. There’s so much to explore and gain knowledge from everywhere. So educate yourself more about animals and do not forget to share them with people around you.

Showcase Your Love Towards Animals

It goes without saying, but loving animals around you is something that World Animal Day strives at achieving. World Animal Day is not only about raising awareness, but also showcasing your love towards all animals; your pets as well as all the other animals around you. Moreover, loving animals shouldn’t be just a one-day thing but should be done throughout the year. Just don’t do it for the sake of doing it; it (love) comes from within! Taking care of your pets is also a way of loving them. Make sure you keep your pets safe and secure. And do not forget to opt for preventatives such as  flea and tick treatments for your dog, cats, and other pet animalsIt is imperative to do so because pet parents in South Africa face a lot of flea and tick issues all year round, so be alert and purchase them beforehand.

Volunteer At a Local Event

Audrey Hepburn once famously said, “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” Hence, while you help yourself with one hand, you can use the other to help out at local animal events that take place on World Animal Day. Volunteer at a local event and show your love and support towards the animals around you.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Animals in shelter homes are euthanized, and that is unfortunate and sad. You can do your part and adopt a furry munchkin and bring him/her home. This is one of the best ways to celebrate World Animal Day. Moreover, you can spread the joy on social media coupled with a message or two for the people, persuading them to go adopt a furry pal and celebrate World Animal Day. It will not only help raise awareness but make you feel good as well.

Do not restrict yourself from celebrating World Animal Day to just one day. In fact, we believe, it should be celebrated 365 days a year (366 on leap years). Also, a very happy World Animal Day to all around the globe!

Celebrating World Animal Day The Right Way

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Celebrating World Animal Day The Right Way

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