Question from Miki
Hi There. firstly i apologize for listing our bird under the dog and puppy category - the option for birds does not come up :( Iqra is an african grey aged 10 months. i have a huge concern that his/her feathers are coming off around his/her neck. to the extent that it looks like a wound (there is no blood). I have been advised to get Medpet Premolt 5 but not quite sure whether this will help. Please can you tell me why this is happening and what is on the market which i can use to help iqra? He is looking quite undernourished and his tail is looking withered. Pleaseee help.... Thank you in advance
Our Vet Says:
Dear Miki,

Thanks for approaching us for your pet. 

Feather loss around the neck can be a sign of a fungal infection, such as ringworm. In some cases, a fungal infection or parasite infestation will cause itching and scratching that leaves your parrot frustrated enough to pull out his own feathers.

It is better to visit a vet for proper treatment as it seems the condition has moved to the next level. For the time being you can use either Pro-Vital or MultiVet- with Moulting Aid (Vetafarm). These may help regain energy and control feather plucking. 

Hope Iqra gets well soon.

Happy Pet Parenting!


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