Question from Ivonne
Is it possible to purchase Ivermectin 1% (intermectin injectable) - it has really helped our German Shepherd with recuring mite infections in his ears. We use Cleanear and Otisol but since he had his first injection of ivermectin he is much improved. We live in Zimbabwe and we are unable to get the Ivermectin. Hope you can help
Our Vet Says:
Dear Ivonne,

Thanks for approaching us for your pet health. 

Presently, it is not possible to supply Ivermectin injectable. However, Moxidectin can be used in place of Ivermectin as it also treats mite infection and has similar effects. 

You can purchase Advocate which contains Moxidectin - an effective mite control treatment. You can use Advocate for Extra Large Dogs above 25kg - Blue as the weight of your pet is 30 kg.  

However, read the directions of use properly before starting the treatment.

Hope this will work perfectly on your furry kid. 

Happy pet parenting!


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