Question from Michelle
I dewormed my 8 week old puppy recently and feel the treatment didn�t work that well for him as he is still scooting his butt. Can you recommend a good worming pill for him?
Our Vet Says:
Hi Michelle,
Your puppy may still have worms, this does not mean the deworming medication didn’t work, but rather your puppy had too many worms and requires another dose of deworming medication. 
It is important you have weighed your puppy correctly and you are not giving too small a dose for his weight as then the deworming medication won’t work effectively.  Milbemax works well in puppies, it comes in 2 sizes; small for up to 5kg, and a larger tablet for up to 25kg.  They are chewable, tasty tablets so your puppy should take them as a yummy treat!
It is best to give the tablet after your puppy has eaten, some puppies will vomit if given treatment on an empty stomach which means you will have to try give them another tablet.


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