Question from Gillian Ee
I have two babies who may have feline ringworm :) and I need to treat them along with 5 other babies at home. I was told there was a less invasive solution besides the tri-worm pills. Please advise as I am new to this.
Our Vet Says:
Hi Gillian,
To clarify some confusion, despite what the name suggests: ringworm, it is not actually an intestinal worm but rather a fungal skin infection.  Triworm is a deworming product so wouldn’t help the fungal skin infection.  You can try the Pyo-derm shampoo, the shampoo needs to be applied after wetting the coat and must stay on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off. This can be repeated daily or every second day for 3-4 treatments depending on how extensive the problem is.  Ringworm is very contagious to humans and other pets.  It would be best to get your 2 cats checked over by a veterinarian to ensure they are being treated for the correct problem.


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