Question from Angelique
Good day, We will be getting a JR puppy 10 December 2018 when she will be around 12 weeks old. My parents have a JRxDaschund and their poor doggy got the much dreaded heart worm (Spirocera lupi) - she is however doing fairly well and getting all the relevant medications assisting with the damage the worm has already done. Because JR dogs are so active I will be giving Pip monthly deworming that will target Spirocera lupi. I was thinking of using MILBEMAX CLASSIC TABLETS FOR DOGS � HEARTWORM & WORM PREVENTIVE on a monthly basis. I of course also want to treat her for fleas and so on (prevention) and I saw that your product REVOLUTION FOR KITTENS & PUPPIES 0-2.5KG - PINK (0.25ML) works for ticks, fleas and the heartworm Dirofilaria immitis. Can I use both these products on a monthly basis as prevention against worms, ticks, fleas and the heartworm? I am so afraid of over medicating. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Angelique
Our Vet Says:

Hello Angelique,

Congratulations on becoming a pet parent in advance. If your puppy is healthy without any medical history, you can put her on a prevention program. You can use Revolution every month and Milbemax every 3 months to protect Pip against worms, ticks, fleas, and the heartworms. 

However, be careful that you don’t administer them in the same fortnight. When the dates don’t come near each other you’re not overdosing. 

Happy pet parenting! 


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