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Goodday I dewormed my three cats on the 26/02/19 with a spot-on solution at the shoulder blades for tapeworm, but now i see there are white rice specs appearing again. is it safe to give them another dose of deworming medication as they live in an apartment with me and i have had a sudden outburst of fleas which i have use the ultra powder on them and the ultra spray on my carpets but yet to still battling to rid of the fleas in my carpet even though im vacuuming every day. my youngest cat of 9+ months has also lost his appetite yet still bounces around to which im monitoring him
Our Vet Says:
Hello Desiree,

Thanks for approaching us for your pet’s health.
After deworming, if you still find worms in your cat, it is better to repeat the treatment. However, ensure that you do not overdose your kitties. 
If flea infestation is too heavy, treat your cat with Capstar and then follow with Advantage for Cats topical treatment on the next day. 
For house, use a flea fogger. It is better to wash all the rugs in warm water. Also, if you have a bedding for your cats, wash or vacuum them too. Ensure that the whole house is treated for fleas. 
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