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Antezole H for Horses

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My horse likes the taste so I only use Antezole-H to treat his worm infection.

Antezole H for Horses - 250Gm

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Antezole-H Granules for Horses – Oral Deworming Treatment

Antezole-H is a specially designed granule dewormer for horses. The oral anthelmintic destroys various worms in horses and lowers the risk of worm infection. It contains potent ingredient – Pyrantel pamoate that is highly effective against different intestinal worms including ascarids, pinworms and large and small stronglyles. Antezole-H treats and prevents horse worm infestations. The oral treatment is highly palatable and easy to administer. There are no known side effects and provides wide range of safety to horses and foals.

  • Use as directed.
  • One level measureful of included scoop per 150 kg body weight of horse is standard dosage.
  • Weigh your horse properly and dose accordingly.
  • Mix it in fodder properly.
  • No fasting or feeding is required for this treatment.
  • Potent deworming treatment for horses
  • Treats various worms in horses
  • Effective against ascarid, pinworm and large & small strongyle infestations in horses
  • Treats and prevents worm infection during season
  • Highly palatable
  • Granules easily mixes and no fuss in dosing
  • For animal use only.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals.


  • Do not over exceed the dosage.
  • Not for any species other than mentioned in the product.

Active Ingredients: Pyrantel Pamoate

Application: Oral

Species: Horses

Product Type: Wormer

Manufacturer: Kyron Labs

Brand: Antezole

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Antezole H

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Quickly removes worms

I always use this product whenever my horse gets infection. It is very effective and eliminates worms within a few hours.

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Good Wormer`

I give this product to my horse almost every alternate month and he is doing great. Hasn't had worm infection since a year.

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Easy to give

My horse likes the taste so I only use Antezole-H to treat his worm infection.

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