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Bacdip Plus for Dogs

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Protects from fleas and is easy to use.

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Bayopet Bacdip Plus for Horses and Dogs – Topical Dip Treatment of Ticks and Fleas

Bayopet Bacdip Plus is an effective tick and flea control treatment for dogs and horses. Bacdip Plus is a dip concentrate, for the control of fleas and ticks on puppies, dogs, foals and horses. The topical treatment eliminates fleas and ticks. It protects horses and dogs from tick and flea infestation. Weekly treatment helps in eradicating fleas and ticks. The topical treatment is suitable to use on pregnant, lactating and young animals. It is safe to use on puppies as young as 1 week old.

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Add the solution in the bucket of water as directed.

Hand Treatment 

  • 2ml Bacdip / 1L water
  • 10ml Bacdip / 5L water
  • 20ml Bacdip / 10L water

Plunge Dip

  • 100ml Bacdip / 50L water
  • 1L Bacdip / 500L water

For Horses

  • Sponge or spray the horse and ensure thorough wetting.

For Dogs

  • Thoroughly wet the dog by making use of a jug.
  • Do not rinse the animal after treatment.
  • Keeps dogs and horses free from ticks
  • Helps reduce flea and tick population in control
  • Protects horses and foals against ticks
  • Highly effective in controlling ticks on dogs and puppies
  • Weekly treatment for total protection
  • Safe to use on pregnant and lactating and young animals
  • Topical dip for external use only.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • Refer pack insert before use.
  • Use only as directed.


  • Do not use on cats.
  • Not for oral use.
  • Not for human application.
  • Do not rinse your pet after treatment.

Active Ingredients: Flumethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide

Application: Topical

Species: Horses/Dogs

Product Type: Tick & Flea

Manufacturer: Bayer

Brand: Bayopet

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Bacdip Plus

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Highly Recommended!

This concentrate is very effective and surprisingly only a dollop of it does the job perfectly.

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Works Well

Protects from fleas and is easy to use.

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