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Delete All Pour On For Cattles

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Delete All

Delete ALL is ready to use pour-on solution for controlling flies and ticks on cattle, sheep, and goats. It has a residual action in controlling ticks, stable flies, horn flies, house (nuisance) flies, and cattle louse flies in cattle. The non-systemic action also helps in killing lice and mange mites and protects against black flies. In sheep and goats, this pour-on controls Karoo paralysis, bont-legged, and red-legged ticks. Additionally, it controls ticks on game. Apply this solution easily along the backline of the animal.

Shake well before use. Use as directed.

How to use applicator

  • Remove the cap only of the calibrated chamber
  • Squeeze until the correct dosage is filled in the calibrated chamber and apply


Dose: 1 ml/10 kg

Ticks, flies, and lice

  • Apply along the backline of the animal, from shoulder to the base of the tail
  • In case of a heavy infestation, apply Delete ALL from the base of the head to the root of the tail
  • Treat daily for better results. Regular application for long time, will reduce the tick population and eventually can apply at intervals greater than 7 days

For black fly also apply to ears and underline, repeat as required.

For control of nuisance and stable flies, use 2-3 treatments weekly. Thereafter change accordingly.


Environmental condition and level of infestation can affect treatment intervals.

Dosage for optimal residual action: 1ml/5kg

Karoo Paralysis Ticks

  • Divide the whole dose in 4 parts. Apply 1 part each onto axillae and groin region, while keeping the animal in a sitting position
  • Treat regular according to the level of tick infestation

Bont-legged and Red-legged Ticks

  • Divide the dose into 3 parts and apply to axillae, groin, and anogenital region
  • Treat sheep at regular intervals of 3 to 4 weeks or as required
  • For crippled sheep apply 1ml to the affect hoof/fetlock


Dose: 10ml/100 kg


  • Apply along the backline of the animal, from shoulder to the base of the tail
  • Treat weekly for 3 weeks to reduce tick numbers, after that use as required
  • Ready to use pour-on
  • Controls ticks and flies on cattle
  • Kills lice and mange mites
  • Protects against blackflies
  • Controls Karoo paralysis ticks, bont-legged, and red-legged ticks in sheep and goats
  • Controls ticks in game
  • Easy application, along the backline
  • For external use on animals only
  • Store in a dry and cool place, below 25°C
  • Store away from food and feed
  • Keep out of reach of children, animals, and uninformed people


  • Withdrawal Periods:
    • Meat- 7 days
    • Milk- 0 days
  • Do not use on horse or other equidae species
  • Do not use on calves/lambs under the age of 1 month
  • Signs of salivation and lethargy may occur with over-dosage. They will pass with no ill effect
  • Dispose of empty containers, do not reuse


  • Avoid contact with the product
  • Reseal the container tightly after use
  • Do not empty or contaminate ponds, river, and other water sources
Ingredients Amitraz 2,0 % m/v
Deltamethrin 0,50 % m/v
Piperonyl Butoxide 2,0 % m/v
Product Type Topical
Target Species Cattle, Sheep, Goats
Manufacturer MSD
Product Reviews
Reviews: 1
5 Star 4 Star 3 Star 2 Star 1 Star
Delete All Pour On
Delete All Pour On

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Deletes All

Jun 01, 2023

Ready-to-use pour-on to control ticks on cattles.

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