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Drastic Deadline Dip for Cattle

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Drastic Deadline Tick Treatment for Cattle, Game, Sheep & Ostriches

Drastic Deadline pour-on is an effective tick control treatment for cattle, sheep, game and ostriches. It is a scientifically formulated tickicide which works instantly in eliminating ticks and other external parasites. Drastic Deadline sterilises ticks and lowers the tick population when used regularly. The residual action helps in treating and controlling various parasites including tsetse fly worry and red lice on cattle, feather mites on ostriches,and karoo paralysis ticks on sheep. When applied early in the season, Drastic Deadline effectively controls Karoo paralysis ticks and prevents further infestation. The pour-on protects animals from harmful tick infestation when used regularly. It is rainfast and has non-systemic action.

  • Use only as directed.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Treat at regular intervals, according to tick infestations.
  • The standard dosage is 1 ml per 10 kg body mass.
  • For Tsetse fly treat every 14 days, according to fly challenge.
  • For Cattle: Apply the required dose volume along with neckline.
  • For Sheep: Apply the required dose volume in four parts to the bare skin areas of the groin and axillae.
  • For Game: Apply the required dose volume with a suitable applicator.
  • For Ostriches: Apply the required dose volume along the backline.

Dosage for Cattle

Up to 100 kg bodymass = 10 ml

Up to 200 kg bodymass = 20 ml

Up to 300 kg bodymass = 30 ml

Up to 400 kg bodymass = 40 ml

Up to 500 kg bodymass = 50 ml

500 kg and above = 50 ml

Dosage for Sheep & OstricheS

Up to 20 kg bodymass = 2 ml

Up to 30 kg bodymass = 3 ml

Up to 40 kg bodymass = 4 ml

Up to 50 kg bodymass = 5 ml

Up to 60 kg bodymass = 6 ml

  • Effectively controls ticks on cattle, ostriches, sheep and game
  • Treats and prevents tsetse fly worry on cattle
  • Treats red lice on cattle
  • Sterilises female ticks
  • Prevents feather mites on ostriches
  • Easy to apply and no side effects
  • Residual action
  • Reduces tick infestation with long treatment
  • It is rainfast
  • For external use only.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed person and animals.
  • Store it in a safe place, away from food and feed.


  • No withdrawal period for milk or meat.
  • Toxic to bees, fish and reptiles.
  • Although the colour of the product may vary, it will not influence the efficacy or residual effect thereof.
  • Skin reactions may occur in rare cases. If this happens, wash treated animals with soap and water to ward off the chemical.

Active Ingredients: Flumethrin

Application: Topical

Species: Cattle/Ostriches/Sheep/Game

Product Type: Dips/Sprays

Manufacturer: Bayer

Brand: Bayer

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Drastic Deadline Dip

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Excellent Product

Protected my pet from ticks.

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I have used it just once on my cows and have found it effective. The best thing is it is quite a convenient option for tick treatment.

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Highly Effective

It is super quick in action.

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