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Enviro Vet for Dogs

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Removes bad smell instantly. It feels so safe to breathe air after using this spray.

Enviro Vet For Dogs - 500ML

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Envirovet – Environmental Spray

Envirovet is an excellent environmental spray for disinfecting air in the house and yard. The aerosol spray aids in deodorising all rooms and hard surfaces. It is a potent disinfectant that kills airborne bacteria and fungus. The bactericidal effect removes 99.9% bacteria from the air. It controls fungus in the environment and thus prevents fungal infection in animals. Envirovet is a SABA registered disinfectant. It neutralizes all unpleasant odours and leaves refreshing fragrance. It leaves the rooms fresh, clean and pleasant smelling. The aerosol spray is a powerful bactericide and fungicide. It is easy to spray and does not harm humans and animals.

  • Shake the can well before use.
  • Spray in the open area.
  • Restrict animals to move in the place for some time.
  • Can be used once or twice in a day according to the requirement.
  • An effective disinfectant
  • Kills bacteria in the air
  • Neutralises bad odour in the environment
  • Powerful bactericide and fungicide aerosol spray
  • A gold standard antibacterial
  • SABS – registered disinfectant
  • Destroys airborne bacteria and fungus
  • No known side effects
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Close the container tightly after use.


  • Do not use on humans.
  • Avoid spraying into eyes.
  • Do not spray on animals.

Active Ingredients: Chlorhexadine

Application: Topical

Species: Dogs, Cats, Cattle, Pigs

Product Type: Disinfectants

Manufacturer: Kyron Labs

Brand: Kyron

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Enviro Vet

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Good Product

I like the fragrance of this spray and it is certainly beneficial in preventing fungal infection in pets.

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Refreshing product

I love the smell of this product. It is pleasant and works great in removing fungal growth on household items.

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Very Effective Deodoriser

Removes bad smell instantly. It feels so safe to breathe air after using this spray.

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