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Drastic Deadline Dip for Cattle All You Need To Know

  Sep 23, 2022

Drastic Deadline Dip for Cattle All You Need To Know

When it comes to taking care of our cattle, we must always be on our toes. And if you are a pet parent that has a lot of cattle on your farm or in your home, then you probably know what’s it like. But when taking care of the cattle, it is imperative to know which cattle supplies will help them stay safe and out of harm’s way. We all know that ticks tend to harm almost all kinds of pets, and cattle isn’t far behind on the list. So it is essential to have key products that will do the job for you when needed. And speaking of good products, Drastic Deadline Dip is an excellent choice for cattle. If you haven’t heard much about this product, then worry not, we’ve got you covered in this blog.

What Is Drastic Deadline Dip For Cattle?

Drastic Deadline Dip is a pour-on ectoparasiticide that helps in the effective control of ticks on cattle as well as on other animals like sheep and ostriches. The solution works instantly by eliminating ticks and other external parasites found on the pet’s body. Moreover, applying this solution early in the season will help in effectively controlling paralysis ticks and at the same time, help prevent further infestation. Besides, this solution is rainfast and has a non-systemic action.

Key Features Of Drastic Deadline Dip

One of the main reasons why Drastic Deadline Dip is such a wonderful product for cattle is because of its striking features. They have been listed down below:

  • Helps in controlling ticks on cattle, including pyrethroid, amidine and organophosphate resistant strains of Blue tick.
  • Reduces egg production by female Blue ticks and inhibits the development of tick eggs, larvae, and nymphs from becoming into adult parasites. 
  • Aids in the reduction of ticks on pasture. 
  • Controls tsetse fly worry on cattle as well as red lice. 
  • Extremely easy to apply on the skin of the cattle. 
  • It provides prolonged residual action for up to 12 weeks.

How To Use Drastic Deadline Dip?

Drastic Deadline Dip is a very easy-to-use solution and must be used only as directed. Before beginning, you must shake the solution well before using. And remember to not mix the solution or dilute it with any other product.

This solution is recommended to be applied at the beginning of spring, in the mid-summer months or during autumn, depending on when the peak Blue tick season is. Moreover, during the interim periods, it is highly recommended to use this product for further multi-host tick control (if needed). The basic dose is approximately 1 ml per 10kgs of body weight. And for cattle, apply the dose along the backline.

Furthermore, the dosing chart for applying Drastic Deadline Dip is given below:                                                                                                                                                                              

Cattle Live Mass Dose Per ML
Up to 200kgs 20
300kgs 30
400kgs 40
500kgs 50


And remember, this product comes in two pack sizes: 5L backpack and 10L.

Precautions While Using Drastic Deadline Dip

There are a few precautionary measures that need to be taken while using this solution. We’ve listed them down.

  • Refrain from direct contact with the pour-on.
  • While applying the solution, use a pair of protective gloves.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially when it comes in contact with the skin.
  • Dispose the empty containers after using.  
  • Do not re-use for any other purposes.

Drastic Deadline Dip: Where To Buy?

Drastic Deadline Dip is an excellent product for cattle and it can be purchased through online pet care stores like BudgetPetSupplies. Hop over to the website and get the product at an extensively discounted rate

Drastic Deadline Dip for Cattle All You Need To Know

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Drastic Deadline Dip for Cattle All You Need To Know

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